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The As If Obsession

The As If Obsession

Before many of you even clicked on this you probably already knew what this post was going to be about. That's because the As If Tee by Shay Johnson has become the must make item of the year and it's only June. The thing that I love the most about this pattern is how incredibly versatile it is. It's struck a cord with many different types of knitters. Everyone is finding their own unique way of wearing this trendy style. With the rerelease right around the corner I thought that now would be a good time to get inspired by knitters who have already made this pattern. Here are twelve different ways that you can work up the As If Tee along with insight from the makers themselves as to why they love it so much, starting with the maker who started it all... Shay Johnson.

Shay Johnson

As the name suggests, it was inspired by Clueless, the movie. As a 90s baby, that movie and subsequent television show holds a special place in my heart. My designs are often inspired by a bit of nostalgia, and the As If Tee in particular is inspired by Cher’s gym outfit from the movie (a tank top over a t-shirt, like many of us wore during that time).

Since I’ve released the As If Tee, I’ve gotten a much larger positive response than I initially expected. As a self-taught knitter for less than a year at the time, as well as a new IG account,  I didn’t know if I would be discovered by many knitters. But, thanks to my lovely test knitters, and bloggers within the space signal boosting and encouraging me, I guess the word spread!

I think the biggest boost came after Jenn Tran (@jmft_hbh) introduced the As If Tee to Kristy Glass on her annual “Tell Me About Your Rhinebeck Sweater” video. Then Kristy made a version for herself, which she donned for her “Santa Baby” video last December. From there, it just continued gaining traction, and I’m now working on an expanded size range and further refining the pattern for the release of the As If Tee 2.0.
What I love most about the pattern is that it is truly flattering on so many body shapes, and is unique in the usage of mohair with Aran to create an illusion neckline. The yarns I used for my first version are by @macheteshoppe, and it is her colorway Kombucha Brew in her Aran and mohair bases. -Shay

Lucy Tan

I often struggle to reconcile my love for wildly colored yarn with my desire to make something more classic, something that will get worn all the time. This pattern is great because it works both ways. You can pick monotone colors and your tee will come out looking chic. You can also be as playful as you want with color, and it will still look great paired with jeans or worn over a maxi dress. There’s no way to mess this up—you’re guaranteed a closet staple! -Lucy


Gillian McLeod

I still can’t place my finger on what exactly drew me to this pattern...charm, whimsy, awe...but from the moment I saw it, I knew I had to knit it, and I knew exactly what colours/yarn I would knit it in. Then I continued to imagine ALL the colour possibilities. Is there such thing as too many of the same thing? I say NEVER!

(I’m currently working on my third and have plans for at least one more). -Gillian


Maria Ornelas

The As If Tee is such a beautiful classic design and Shay did such a lovely job with the mohair. She also created a design that looks amazing in so many different bodies, and now she is making the As IF Tee 2.0 which will make it more size inclusive! Her design also released just in time for all the mohair craze and I love that we can get really creative playing with color and texture not only knitting wise but styling it too! It can be a simple top or it can a statement top depending on the color of the yarn and either way it a great addition to any wardrobe and I plan on making more. -Maria

Holly O'Rourke

Clueless is THE iconic 90’s fashion movie, and inspired many of my fashion choices from a young age, so of course Shay’s clever take on Cher’s layered “gym” top spoke to me the moment I saw it! I actually had this Hedgehog Fibres yarn but didn’t have a specific project in mind for it; the mix of brights feels very 90’s to me and adds to the fun vibe of this top. I like to think Cher would approve of my color choice! -Holly

Sierra Perez

I really love this pattern because it gives you room to explore via the yarns you use (I saw some folks marling colors together, while others got creative with pairing up the main color to accented sleeves and collars) AND the pattern was well-written to where I felt comfortable tackling it as a project (up until I finished it, I had not successfully finished knitting an adult shirt or sweater). I also really love the community that built up around the shirt. I think that both size inclusivity and diversity have been significant topics of conversation in the making community lately, so it was really great to see a pattern written by and supported by POC. It also showed that anyone can wear and rock a crop top, and that's pretty damn empowering. -Sierra

Alyssa Renck

I love how fun and easy it was to make (look ma, no sleeves!) and you can wear it most of the year. The shape is flattering on everyone and the sheer yoke makes it feel so special and delicate! -Alyssa


Liza Rico

I love the pattern because it’s such a versatile garment. There are endless versions of this pattern and they are all super fun and flattering. I feel like a sexy sun goddess when I have it on. -Liza


Illanna Shapiro

I think it looks beautiful on everybody. It’s a great layering piece for different climates and the sheer yoke makes it a little sexy as well. It was fun to knit while I was on a trip to Asheville with my knitting pals. I could chat while knitting it, but it has enough detail to keep me interested. -Illanna


Caela Manninen

I was initially drawn to the pattern because reminded me of a sweetheart neckline. This was my first time working with mohair too and I was itching to give it a try. I prefer a more vintage-style fit for my knitwear, so I modified the gauge to give the top some negative ease. The whole blouse knit up quick as a flash! It is an absolutely lovely addition to my wardrobe! -Caela


Carrington Elliott

I love this pattern because it’s so fun and flirty, but it’s not complicated to make. The pattern was very easy to follow and worked up so quickly.

This was my first time ever doing a test-knit, so the top came out bigger than I wanted but it’s still so cute and easy to wear. I definitely want to make another one! -Carrington


Jillian Jackson

I loved knitting the As If Tee because of how its clever construction showcases mohair yarn. I love wearing the As If Tee because the 90s are everything, and it makes me feel sassy. -Jillian


I want to thank everyone who came together to make this post happen. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. You can leave a note in the comments section on what yarns you used to knit your version of the As If Tee. Also, don't forget to follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily dose of all things knitted and to stay up to date on our upcoming NYC events. Until next week, happy crafting!


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