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Behind The Stitches: Gavriella Treminio

"Crafting really is my therapy"

Sam: Where are you from and where are you currently based?

Gavriella: Hi there Samantha! I’m actually born and raised in Austin and still currently reside here with my husband and two kids.
Sam: What’s your favorite craft? How did you learn?
Gavriella: My favorite thing in the world is knitting, I think the reason for this is because I’m completely self taught. It’s like my favorite thing to do and I’m so proud of every stitch I make because I know I don’t owe credit to anyone except myself.

Sam: Do you remember what your first WIP was and do you still have it?

Gavriella: Yep, I sure do! It was a muted pink headband, I actually recently posted about it on my Instagram because I keep it close so I can always show myself how far I’ve come. You can check it out here.

Sam: The pictures of your work always have a very cohesive look to them. How did you discover your brand’s esthetic?
Gavriella: Okay this is actually something that took awhile for me to get right. I used to just post photos that I thought would bring me business and followers, I guess you could say I posted what I thought was ‘in’. Once I started to really just share whatever I felt best reflected me, I got a huge response from the community. People really appreciate when you share yourself with your community and that was my niche.
Sam: Are there any apps that you would recommend to people who are just starting their crafting businesses?
Gavriella: I always recommend having some good photo editing apps and my personal favorite is the photoshop mobile line of apps because for the most part, they are accessible on all devices for FREE! The apps really add a professional touch and are easy to use. I would then recommend Planoly. I use this to organize my feed before my posts go live and it really keeps everything cohesive.
Sam: What has crafting brought to your life?
Gavriella: Crafting really is my therapy. It has been my out in times of frustration and my go to during times of happiness. This is why I take my knitting EVERYWHERE.

"The process itself is my favorite part"
Sam: One thing that I’ve noticed about your Instagram, other than it being gorgeous, is how you really make an effort to connect with your audience. Was this a conscious decision and why is that so important to you?
Gavriella: I definitely love connecting with my audience because these are MY PEOPLE. My audience already follows me because they like what I’m doing so from there it’s all about connecting with others around me who can’t always be physically around me. Social media has been a blessing in this way.
Sam: As a mom, how do you find a work/life balance?
Gavriella: Schedules! I’m a stay at home mom who has to work around my husband’s crazy firefighter schedule, so this means preparing orders at all hours of the night when the kids are sleeping and also getting in that nap time hustle as soon as they close their eyes. It’s not easy but it’s possible.
Sam: What is your favorite part of your crafting process?
Gavriella: The process itself is my favorite part. When I’m knitting up an item, those moments of creating these stitches with my hands and needles really means so much to me because I’m watching myself literally create something that wasn’t just there a minute ago. Same goes for my digital art.
Sam: Where did the idea to create your stickers come from?
Gavriella: YouTube! I love creative YouTube videos just like makeup gurus love their “daytime look” tutorials. I literally fall down the YouTube rabbit hole all the time but it brings out my creativity.
Sam: Your book charm stitch markers are ADORABLE! When can we expect more?
Gavriella: Soon! I’ll be releasing the Harry Potter books as we get to each book but custom orders are always open if you want something that’s not currently available. And more classic book charms are currently in the works.
Sam: What made you decide to start a book club?
Gavriella: I’ve always loved reading but with two kids it’s not always possible. Even during nap time, when some days I spend the entire break cleaning! So my solution is AUDIOBOOKS! A friend called me almost a year ago to run the idea by me and once we finally got started, it was uphill from there. So Fiber Reading House was actually the idea of my friend Daniella over at @Oddknotsandthreads but she says it’s definitely OUR baby now.
Sam: Are you a knitterino?
Gavriella: I’ve always been a true crime fanatic so being a knitterino comes naturally to me.
Sam: What do you like to binge watch or listen to while you craft?
Gavriella: I’m definitely always listening to audiobooks and while my husband is home we have our weekly shows that we enjoy together. Some of my absolute favorites right now include Pose on FX, Big Little Lies on HBO, Chernobyl on HBO and The Handmaid's tale on Hulu.

If you want to see more of Gavriella's work you can follow her on Instagram @GavriellaMakes and on Ravelry. You can also shop her stickers and her progress keepers which are available through her Etsy site. Who should I talk to next? Leave your suggestions in the comments section along with any thoughts you have about Gavriella's interview. I’m always on the hunt for inspiring crafters. Also, don't forget to follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily dose of all things fiber. Until next time, happy crafting!


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