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GIRLS & Clinton Hill Cashmere

GIRLS & Clinton Hill

In partnership with Clinton Hill Cashmere.

Sometimes ideas come to me and I can't let them go. When I saw the new Bold yarns from Clinton Hill Cashmere for some reason the HBO Show GIRLS popped into my head. I know that the show had its fair share of problems. But I loved it and the one thing you can't say anything about were the costumes by Jenn Rogien. From mesh tops to red dresses she totally nailed it. It made me wonder, if they each had to pick one color from the new Bold collection which one would they choose? Also, known as looking for any excuse to re-watch the series.

"I don't want to freak you out, but I think that I may be the voice of my generation. Or at least, a voice of a generation" -Hannah

Marnie & Paradise Purple

"I thought this would just be a nice opportunity for us to have fun together and prove to everyone via Instagram that we could still have fun as a group"

I know that this is a controversial thing to say, but I'm in the 1% who actually enjoyed watching Marnie on the show. I thought her character was hilarious. Maybe it's because, like myself, she was from northern New Jersey. Early series Marnie and probably the Marnie at the end of season six would definitely use Paradise Purple. It's fun and bold, but also still conservative and classic.

Jessa & Passion Pink

"I cannot be smoted. I am unsmotable"

Before we get into my pick for Jessa I want to say that I still think her feather dress was amazing and I will use that for Halloween inspiration at some point. I think that her outfits were always the most memorable of the group. She's a free spirit and wants the world to know that. Jessa wears a lot of warm earth tones, but she's also not afraid of a pop of color. Which is why I think Passion Pink would be the perfect pick for her. We could all use a little more Jessa energy in our lives. If you're feeling motivated to be a little more confident and bold then Passion Pink is the one for you.

Shoshanna "Shosh" Shapire & Tropical Teal

"Like, I am woman, hear me roar"

I was originally going to switch Jessa’s and Shosh's color picks. But who knew Shosh wore so much Tropical Teal, blues, and greens over the course of the series?  I would also nominate her as the most likely to unironically take up knitting or crocheting in the future. I have to say that while I was immediately drawn to Yolo (we'll get there in a second) the color I'm most likely to pick up is Tropical Teal... maybe a combo?!? Ok, getting back on track. Despite her nervous energy and over the top enthusiasm, by the end of the series Shosh might be the most well adjusted out of all of them. Tropical Teal is more like season six Shosh than season one. Confident and bold without being too loud.

Hannah & YOLO Yellow

"Maybe I don't care about being polite, okay? 'Cause it's Wednesday night, baby, and I'm alive"

Lastly we can't do a post about Girls without talking about Hannah Horvath, the YOLO Yellow colorway, and her mesh tank from Season two episode three. This was actually the first top that popped into my head when I saw Clinton Hill's Bold collection. Not just because the colors are similar, but because of the name. I think that if in ten years they do a reunion mini series for Girls, Hannah will be knitting with YOLO and thinking about the night she switched tops with Elijah.

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