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Yarn and the City: Heat Wave & EZ Wool Launch

Last week I had the opportunity to attend the NYC launch event for two new yarns from Red Heart® and Bernat®. I have to admit that I didn’t know what I was walking into when I stepped into the very corporate looking midtown skyscraper. I had received an email telling me where to go and that there would be yarn on the other end of the journey. But I hadn’t done my due diligence on who was sending me this email. It occurred to me as I stepped off the elevator that if anyone ever wanted to kidnap me all they had to do was dangle a skein of yarn in front of my face and I would gladly get in the van.

Luckily, the elevator doors opened and I was greeted by super friendly people, champaign (this was 10 am, so obviously I said yes to it), and most importantly yarn! As I walked up to the table I was instantly drawn to the Bernat® Alize® EZ Wool™, a line of pre-looped needle-less yarns. I am a big knits person. The chunkier the yarn the better. This yarn was right up my ally. It’s super easy to work with. Although, I will say that it took my brain a second to adjust to using the loop yarn. I actually think that this is best for people who are beginner knitters because they are coming to it with a clean slate and without the pesky muscle memory that "granny knitters", like myself, already have. With that said it was super easy to figure out and I think that beginner knitters and knitters who are looking to shake up their routines are really going to like this yarn. I would describe it as instant gratification. In under a minute I was several rows into the project.

I was so laser focused on the EZ Wool™ that I almost didn’t notice the yarn on the other side of the table which ended up being the true stand out of the day. It’s probably the reason most of you came to read this post in the first place. The new Red Heart® Heat Wave™ is EVERYTHING you want it to be! Its solar-activated fibers can cause it to become up to 12 degrees warmer when exposed to UV rays. I’ll give that a second to sink in because I know it took me a second to wrap my brain around that idea.

I should say that despite my willingness to go into random buildings hunting for yarn I am a fairly skeptical person. So when designer Julia Madill told me this I couldn’t stop myself before I said something along the lines of “Noooo way!” at a louder than necessary volume. They proceeded to pull out a new ball and placed it under a light that generated UV rays. Within seconds I could feel that the ball of yarn was significantly warmer. I even had them do it a second time. The heat wasn’t coming from the light. It was coming from the yarn itself.

If you’re like me and you sleep with a comforter in the middle of the summer, put your knits on the heater in the winter, or just enjoy feeling cozy, then you are really going to like this yarn. This yarn was speaking my love language. Side note, there was a hat made out of Heat Wave™ in the goodie bags from the event and I will admit to putting it on when I got home and sitting in front of my window. This only lasted a few minutes before I remembered that even though I wasn’t too far from an air conditioner, it is the middle of August, and NJ/NY are going through a literal heatwave. Maybe not the best idea, but it felt awesome while it lasted.

In all seriousness, Red Heart® Heat Wave™ is honestly one of the coolest products I’ve seen in awhile. Mainly because I can see the potential. Imagine using this yarn for your next charity knitting donation. It would be great for people who work outside in colder conditions, for kids who can spend hours outside in the snow, and even just for your daily winter commute.

"We are officially disrupting the knitting industry. Our revolutionary patented heat generating yarn allows stitchers to create personalized functional items to stay warm and look cool this season," says Julia Jackson, New Product Lead at "We are continuously looking for the newest and latest innovations to meet consumer needs and enhance daily activities." I think she’s right. I feel like this yarn is a little bit of a game changer for winterized knitwear. I’m just so excited that even after ten years of knitting I can still be surprised by the craft I love. I left that day with a list of new project ideas and inspiration. Red Heart® Heat Wave™ and Bernat® Alize® EZ Wool™ are both now available in-store and online at JOANN and will be available online for purchase in September at


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