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Carrie's Best Knitwear Moments: Sex And The City

I'll pause while you hum the theme song to Sex and The City.... Ok, now we can jump in. This was one of my ABSOLUTE favorite shows when I was a teenager growing up in the suburbs of NYC. We didn't have cable, but the reruns would come on network TV late at night. My mom probably should't have let me watch it, but it became our thing and it always made me feel very grown up. It inspired my love of a good daytime tutu and ruined my expectations for what a freelance column writer's Manhattan apartment can look like.

Of course when I watched this show back as an adult there were a lot of things that I looked at with a new lens. But the biggest thing, for someone as sweater obsessed as I am, is that IT'S NEVER WINTER!

We get a lot of Fall, Spring, and Summer but we don't really see Carrie trying to hop over a puddle of slush in her Manolos. Where were the scenes of Charlotte jogging in a snow coated Central Park with Elizabeth Taylor? Why didn't the scene when Miranda ate the Chocolate cake take place during a polar vortex?

It's really not until the last Season that we start to see them go through a winter in NY. I think that this was to signify that the women were moving into a different season of their lives and that they could finally start to move forward.

I actually think that was a great choice. But I do feel like we were robbed from seeing some fantastic knitted fashion moments. Especially since the ones that we did get to see were so perfect! But I guess I can't get greedy and I will have to be happy with what we got.

"A relationship is like Couture; if it doesn't fit perfectly it's a disaster"

For this post I'm only focusing on some of my favorite knit/crochet moments that Carrie wore in the show. I do have to apologize before hand, because this post can only be so long. I could easily write a book about this. But I did have to make some harsh cuts.

Most of my favorite knitwear moments actually come from seasons 4 and beyond. In season 4 we start to see some over the top knitwear even if it's still warm weather related. We get to see Carrie running errands in a one piece knitted romper. I always thought that this was a two piece top and shorts, but I was wrong and that makes me love it SO much more! I think this free vintage pattern is a fun take on the knitted romper. You can update it by playing with the color choices and doing some color blocking between the top and bottom sections.

"Don't do that, Don't mock the Clothes!"

One thing Carrie did really well is the oversized sweater. Maybe I'm biased because that's basically all I'm wearing right now. But this cozy brown mixed yarn sweater from season 5 episode 1 is ALL that I want to both knit and wear any day of the week.... even in the summer time.

Season 6 brought us the introduction of a certain Russian. But it also brought us the best knitwear moments of the entire show! So I guess he wasn't completely useless. But if I give him credit for bringing Carrie to the knit side I would have to blame Big for keeping her away from it and I'm not going to do that.

Maybe I'm reading too much into things. But I think it's interesting that Carrie barely wears any knitwear over the course of the show, but as she gets deeper into her relationship with Petrovsky we start to see her in more knitted items. This could just be because of the changing seasons, but I do think it's interesting that she starts to adopt his sense of style. He does a lot of layering with turtle necks and before Paris we see her doing the same.

Whether it was a sign of the end of the show or that Carrie was toning down her eclectic taste to fit what he wanted her to be, we finally get to see some chunky knits on the show. I really am obsessed with her oversized sweater looks. If you're in the mood to make some chunky knits Loopy Mango is where I would start. Personally, I love these two oversized sweater patterns from Loopy Mango (one & two).

Right now NY is getting about an inch of snow every other week followed by a 50 degree weather day. So if you start now I think that you will still be able to wear them for a few weeks. Plus, Loopy Mango has a great cotton yarn so the oversized obsession can last All Year Long (insert maniacal laugh track here).

"I keep sweaters in my stove"

Before I get to one of the more memorable knitwear pieces from the show I do want to take a second to talk about Carrie's Knitwear accessories! Season 6 also brought us some nice additions to her accessory collection. We start to see her wearing more hats, scarves, and gloves. Now I just have to figure out when I can get away with wearing winter accessories with short dresses and ankle boots. But this does give me some ideas for what I'm going to use my London Kaye chunky yarn for!

The first item I thought about when I decided to write this post was actually her knitted pink hat from season 6.  I remember when I watched this episode the pink hat was Everything to me! I thought it was so cool. If I had known how to knit back then I would have worn it all of the time. Plus, it's paired with a velvet coat and pleated skirt. This outfit is still one of my favorite Carrie moments.

I would say that this would be a great Halloween costume for me. But honestly nobody would know that I was wearing a costume, because I dress like this all the time.

The closest thing to the pink hat is another favorite from Loopy Mango. Their Polo Hat is a nice way to get this same feeling without having to add in an actual brim to your work. Plus, their version has a Pom Pom which is always a win in my book. The thing that I like the most about their crocheted hats are their color options. I think that Carrie would approve.

"I like my money right where I can see it: hanging in my closet"

I think it's safe to say that Carrie would never have stored this last sweater in her oven. If there was ever a reason for me to learn how to machine knit it's this Sonia Rykiel knitwear master piece from season 6 episode 7 an American Girl in Paris Part Une. When I think of Paris and knitwear I think of Rykiel, and apparently Carrie did too. I'm still totally in love with this black and white striped look. Sure she got a few eye rolls from the local Parisians. But as the old saying goes "when in Paris.... do what Americans do in old movies about Paris". Plus, it's just so pretty to look at! I don't have a patten recommendation for this one. But it seemed like I was committing a crime by not ending with it and I think you'll agree.


I hope that you enjoyed this hunt for Carrie's Knitwear in Sex And The City. I tried to focus only on Carrie, but Miranda might get her own blog post later on. Purely because of her Atlantic City sweater.

Let me know in the comments if I left out your favorite Carrie knitwear moment! Or if you know of any other pattern substitutes for these Carrie looks! I'm always on the hunt for more projects. It's an addiction that I intend to encourage. Which show/movie should I tackle next???


  1. Hello - I love your article. I love the peplum sweater, third picture. Where to get that?
    Much gratitude!


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