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Spring Time Vibes, WATG, & The Knitwear of Insecure

It's officially Spring and it's kind of starting to feel like Spring on the East coast. Maybe that's just wishful thinking. We might be under a foot of snow by the time this blog is posted. But it's put me in the mood for Spring/Summer knitting projects. So it's time for a trip to the West coast and one of my favorite summer shows. This week I'm exploring the knitwear of Insecure! I'm going to take a look at the main and supporting cast's best knitwear moments and show you how you can make their styles for yourself!

As I say every week this post contains spoilers for seasons 1-3 of Insecure. If you're not caught up just scroll through the pictures and try to blur out everything that's happening in them other than the amazing knits. You've been warned. I also want to say at that my love for Wool and The Gang is deep and completely real. So I referenced their patterns and yarns throughout this post. I'm just a dork who likes to fan girl over yarn companies. So grab a glass of wine, your favorite knitting needles, and let's get into it.

I was nervous when I first decided to pick this show as my next post. It's easy for this to become a blog about my favorite TV shows & movies, but I really want this to be a place where you can find some yarn-spiration. Before I dove into this I couldn't remember any knits from the show. I've always been obsessed with the show's fashion, but I must have been too distracted by the amazing story lines to notice the great knitwear this show has to offer. I'm so happy that I decided to take a second look and I can't wait to share some Insecure inspired project ideas with you today.

"I like your sweater" -interview candidate "Aww, thank you I found it outside...... at a flea market. I should have led with that" -Issa

I was a fan of Issa's Youtube show Awkward Black Girl. So when I found out she was getting a show on HBO I was thrilled. This show did not disappoint. The show takes place in LA and follow's Issa as she navigates through the many relationships in her life.  It's funny, heartbreaking, and cuts a little too close to home at times. The clothing on this show is so wonderful and I wish that I could go shopping in each of the character's closets. I know that Insecure takes place in LA, but I'm desperate for these characters to take a trip to a colder climate, because I would love to see more of their knitwear collections. But I guess I feel that way about every show I watch…

Issa's sweaters are few and far between. I'm slowly coming to terms with the fact that I'm a snob when it comes to the definition of knitwear. Jersey and sweatshirts are technically in the knitwear category and it's something that I've excluded in my past posts. As a hand knitter I tend to ignore that category of knitwear and I really shouldn't. Issa has so many awesome sweatshirts and jersey pieces that she wears throughout this show it would be ridiculous to not include them in a knitwear blog. Jersey is probably the most common item of knitwear in my closet and in Issa's as well. In episode 1 she wears one of my favorite outfits from the show. Her sparkly sweatshirt and matching skirt is so perfect. But if I had to pick my favorite Issa knitwear moment it would be her maroon and aqua crop top from season 2 episode 4. The things that I really wanted to focus on when picking an "Issa project" was her love of color blocking and cozy knitwear. So I landed on this Freddie hoodie which I think Issa would definitely approve of.

"Just because we have standards does not make us difficult" -Molly


No one in the cast does knitwear better than Molly! Molly is a lawyer and an AKA. My Mom is an AKA and my Dad is a lawyer so maybe in another life I could have become a Molly. Her professional life is on the right track, but her personal life is definitely not as put together... maybe I did become a Molly after all. From dumping great guy after great guy to her relationship with Dro, Molly still has a few things to work out when it comes to men in the upcoming seasons.

Her wardrobe on the other hand needs no help at all. Her gold sweater from season 3 episode 1 is definitely on my list of must try projects. Those sleeves are my current obsession. But if we are talking about the most iconic Molly item of knitwear I have to pick a jersey dress. She wears several of them over the course of the show. My favorite is a tie between the shimmery gold jersey dress that she wears in season 2 episode 3 and the matching top and dress set that she wears in season 2 episode 7. I think it's clear by now that the quickest way to my heart is with a matching set pattern. I'm currently crushing on this Johanna dress pattern and the idea of layering it with this Lil Johanna dress pattern.

"Beyonce is a better mother than me!" -Tiffany (crying)


Tiffany is one of Issa's best friends and in my opinion she's still a little bit of a mystery. She's very aware of the way she presents herself and her marriage to the world. She's also extremely extra. Maybe I'm projecting, because I probably see a little too much of myself in Tiffany.
She doesn't wear a lot of knitwear. But she does wear the most fun item of knitwear on the show. Her jersey, maternity, one piece is everything! I'm not pregnant, but I'm going to need to make one for myself. Her level of extra is something that I strive for and can deeply relate to.

My favorite item of knitwear that she wears on the show is her mystery top or dress from season 3 episode 5. We see the very top of what I can only assume is a fabulous item of knitwear. Is it a dress or a top? We never get a super clear image of the striped item. The mix of colors are so great though. I like the idea of everyone having their own interpretation of what this actually looks like. The Le Chic dress (perfect name for a Tiffany inspired look) can be made in a wide range of colors and you can really make it your own. When I make mine I might even stray from the pattern a bit. I'll probably use one of the colors that doesn't get repeated very often in the pattern to throw in an extra contrasting stripe at the top of the dress. Because this is for the Tiffany's of the world I would also recommend making their mini sailor sweater for a fun mommy & me look that isn't too matchy-matchy.

"Look at us: 30, single, thriving, looking like all three Jennifer Hudsons" -Kelly


Kelly is the last member of this friend group. She's absolutely hilarious. I'm really glad that they decided to expand her character in the 3rd season and I hope that we get the chance to find out more about her as the show goes on. Her argument with Tiffany in season 3 was one of the most relatable moments in the show. Many of my friends are moving into motherhood and different phases of their lives. It can be difficult to accept the changes in friendships and there's an adjustment period to the new normal. Kelly only has one sweater, but it's a really really great sweater! The striped version of WATG's Rebel Wrap, using their Cinnamon Dust and either their Space Black or Midnight Blue would be a really nice way of adding Kelly's style to your wardrobe.

"Even when we are fighting, we are still synced" -Frieda


Next up is Issa's old co-worker Frieda. I usually don't include supporting characters in my posts. But Frieda wears some fantastic sweaters during her time on the show. One of the sad things about Issa finally leaving her soul sucking job in season 3 is that we probably won't have Frieda on the show anymore. From her cardigans to her pull overs, she always looks very cozy. She's definitely mastered the art of hygge. Frieda's style can be broken down into almost every sweater on WATG, but I think that the most Frieda sweaters are the Coco Sailor Sweater and their Fearless Cardigan.

The Men of Insecure

Ok, it's time for the men on this show... oh, sorry I meant to type menswear...... or did I? Did Leo from Charmed wear some great sweaters, yes. Did he look like Lawrence, no... Just a heads up, if I ever try to tackle Outlander there will be a menswear section in that post too, but I digress.

I know about the curse of the boyfriend sweater, but maybe you'll be inspired to knit these sweaters for yourself or for family members. I doubt that these sweaters were knitted by their girlfriends, but it does seem like the men on this show should stay away from knitwear if they want their future relationships to succeed, Most of them decide to wear knitwear during breakups and pivotal turning points in their relationships. But that doesn't mean we have to!


Lawrence has a very classic style. In season 1 he's struggling with adulting and something that I definitely struggled with right after college which was expectation vs reality. Lawrence thought that he would be so much further along in his career by the time this story starts and the reality of where he is in his life completely overwhelmed him and he's having a hard time moving forward when we first meet him. Towards the end of season 1 he's getting his career back on track. He's becoming a more responsible and dependable guy.

The first time we get to see his classic blue sweater is during his date with Issa when he takes her to try on engagement rings and he realizes that she might be keeping something from him. Soon after sporting this cardigan he finds out about Issa's cheating.

His dependability takes a bit of a nose dive in season 2 as he works through his feelings. Season 2 does bring us another fantastic sweater. It's the only other knitwear we see from Lawrence.  But I'll circle back to that sweater a little later on. By season 3 he's starting to deal with his emotions instead of stuffing them down and we get to see the blue sweater is back in his rotation. It's one of the few items that gets reused in his wardrobe and I hope that we get to see that sweater again and again. The WATG Crazy Sexy Wool in Cosmic Navy or Midnight Blue is a great base to use when recreating his Blue cardigan. If you're looking for a great cardigan pattern you can try their Hero Cardigan.


Dro. Beautiful Dro. I'm not going to spend too much time on Dro, because he only wears one sweater during his time on the show and he handled his break up in a very immature way (yes, I'm that petty). Unfortunately for him he decided to wear his only sweater on the night that Molly decides to break up with him. I'm not blaming this sweater.... mainly because it's a really good one. Honestly, in my opinion, this sweater should have bought him another month or two.

Dro and Molly have a complicated relationship full of ups and downs and I'm not sure that we've seen the last of him yet. If your looking for the right yarn for this look you can use WATG's Shiny Happy Cotton in Timber Wolf with accents in Lipstick Red, White Noise, and Cobalt Blue around the hem and cuffs. I know that this is a dress and not a sweater, but for some reason their Rock with You Sweater Dress really feels like it could go well with his sweater. So I'm going to recommend that you at least check it out.


Tiffany's husband Derek only wears one sweater and it's probably for the best considering it seems to be immune from the Insecure sweater curse. Tiffany and Derek's relationship seems pretty solid. He accepts her and all of her extra tendencies. He absolutely loves her. By the end of season 3 they seem really happy and are expecting a new baby.

This sweater is very similar, if not the same, as the only other sweater that Lawrence wears in season 2. Lawrence wore that sweater during the scene with Issa when they are able to have a real conversation about their relationship and go their separate ways. It's a great scene and even though it's an ending of a relationship it's a more peaceful separation than any of the others. I think that this sweater has some good juju. I'm kind of obsessed with this Super Trouper Wool yarn in Moon Dust Grey. I think it could be a fantastic fit for a turtle neck like this. But you could also use their Signature Pattern and personalize it with the letter of your choice.


The best knitwear of the show, second only to Tiffany's onesie, is Daniel's Playboy sweater in season 3 episode 2. This sweater is so awesome. I'm going to copy it for myself and I'll finally be able to embrace my inner Hugh Heffner (in terms of his love of clubs and robes. Not so much everything else about him). When I make mine I'm going to use the WATG Live Forever Cardigan as the base and plot out my playboy bunnies in the Knit Mate app.


I hope that this has inspired you to test out some new styles for spring. I was super inspired by the wide range of styles, colors, and patterns that WATG has to offer. I'm going to test out at least one of these patterns over the next few weeks and post an update on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse. So keep your eyes peeled for that. Don't forget to subscribe! I tackle a new show every week. Let me know in the comments if I missed your favorite sweater and what shows or movies I should do next. Until next time, happy crafting!


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