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Cardigans, 00's, & The Power of 3: The Knitwear of Charmed

As a child of the 90s I had little choice but to be a fan of Charmed. It's one of the few shows that I enjoy just as much today as I did back then. I still love Buffy, but you might not want to re-watch that one. Some things just don't age very well. But so much of Charmed's story still holds up and as I was hunting through the seasons looking for sweaters I realized that it's a very fine line between "researching" Charmed and just straight up watching Charmed. I found myself saying things like "I can't hang out, because I have to work on the next blog post". But I was really just binging hour after hour.

I did pick up on a few things that I didn't catch during my first 100 viewings. For this post I'm only going to focus on the first 3 seasons of the show. If you don't want to see any 10+ year old spoilers don't read this. Just scroll through and look at the pretty pictures. After this point there will be spoilers....

While I think that Charmed is one of the only shows to successfully replace a main actress I also believe that the Prue years were the best of the show. I will do a follow up to this post with the rest of the seasons at some point. But for right now I'm only going to focus on the years when Prue was fully alive on the show.

"I'm gonna win this fight and save your ass, that way I can kick it myself later"  -Prue

Prue Halliwell is the oldest of the Charmed ones. I think she has the absolute best power, telekinesis, and the best wardrobe to match. For most of her time on the show she's struggling with the two sides of herself. On the one hand she's the oldest sister and feels responsible for her siblings. But on the other hand sometimes she just wants to let go and have fun, responsibilities be damed. As an older sister myself I completely relate to this. As the oldest you always want to be a good role model, but sometimes the pressure of this can be overwhelming and you end up astral projecting to a biker bar to let off steam....

Prue's fashion reflects this. It's responsible, but fun. She's the sister I wanted to be. Her clothes reflect her cool girl confidence. No one else could pull off these looks. Although Pheobe does try, but I'll get to that Halliwell in a little bit. Other than when she attempts to match her sweaters with her hair beads she really doesn't have anything that outrageous in her wardrobe. Sure she decides to wear most of these things to her job as a successful art dealer. But that in of itself is inspiring. If the Halliwells were the bears in Goldilocks Prue is the one who got knitwear in the 00's just right. I've always been obsessed with her crochet granny square top from Season 2 Episode 20. You can make your own version of it using this fun pattern by  Diana Christine.

"What am I supposed to throw out perfectly good flowers 'cause they came from a creep? If that was the rule, we'd never have flowers in this house"  -Piper

Piper is the middle and most conservative sister. She also has an active power of freezing time. She's the one who struggles the most with accepting who she really is and with her confidence in herself. Piper's inner conflict is that she just wants to have a "normal" life.

Piper always kind of played the big sister role even when Prue was still on the show. I used to think that Piper's mousy wardrobe was a reflection of her lack of confidence, but I actually now think it's the opposite. Piper is the only one of the sisters that repeats her outfits. She knows what she likes and isn't willing to change herself to be more popular and fit in. In this family the bold thing to do isn't wearing pink it's wearing grey. She isn't afraid to take a different path than her sisters. By the end of season 3 she's married to Leo, running a night club, and realizing that she has the power to blow things up. So I guess I can't blame her for wanting a little consistency in her wardrobe. She might be a long way from "normal" at this point in the show, but she's dressing for the job she wants. For a more updated version of a Piper sweater check out this pattern by Andrea Mowry.

"Just because I protect the innocent doesn't mean I have to be innocent all of the time" - Phoebe

Phoebe is the little sister in every way. She's the most excited about having powers and yet she's the last one to get an active power. She's completely free. Her sisters sheltered her and as a result she is a glass half full kind of gal. We can see that she looks up to her sisters and is often wearing something that is clearly inspired by Prue. But she is always searching for new ways to stand out and make it her own.

Phoebe's struggle is that she's still trying to figure out who she is and what she wants to be. Her knitwear is all over the place and she doesn't restrict herself to one style. Her sweaters are quirky, revealing, colorful, freeing, and inspiring. Why on earth have I been limiting myself to one print at a time? Why shouldn't I wear 3 sweaters all at once? But mostly why have I been so concerned with what others might think when I walk outside? Over all the Halliwells teach us that we should be 100% ourselves 100% of the time. The perfect version of a Phoebe top for today is this fringe crop top from Loopy Mango!

"You might want to change into... Oh I don't know clothes, an actual shirt" -Prue

After going back for a deeper look into the Halliwell closets I can see that while they all have their own unique ways of expressing themselves through their clothes, they do have a few things that they all agree on. I was able to break it down into five basic categories.

The Crop Top

Up first, the cropped sweater. A cropped sweater is an absolute must in any Halliwell closet. This is definitely more of a Prue and Phoebe go to look. But, one of the sweaters that Piper wears again and again is her blue cropped sweater. With spring right around the corner it might be the perfect time to be a little bolder and try out this Prue approved crop top pattern by mermaidcat designs.

Cozy Me Time Knits

After a long day of demon fighting it's essential for a Halliwell to have a big cozy sweater. Prue's big sweaters are some of my favorite knits in the show. She definitely dominates this category. But obviously Piper & Phoebe learned a thing or two from their big sis in this department. Piper's grey puff sleeve and Phoebe's red pull over are next on my list of projects. This pattern byTara-Lynn Morrison is more of a Piper 'Me Time" sweater and it's exactly what I wish I was wearing right now.

"We can't live together forever. What do you expect, to be sixty years old and still be sharing clothes and a cat?" -Phoebe

Sheer & Fuzzy

It wouldn't be a post about the clothing on Charmed if I didn't include their love of all things sheer. I remember getting into the biggest fights with my Dad in middle school, because all I wanted was to wear a mesh shirt over a bra to school. And all he wanted was for my 13 year old self to wear literally anything else. This is Phoebe's go to, but Prue also has her fair share of sheer mohair knits in her closet. Even Piper wears one with a sports bra. A new take on Phoebe's sheer mohair look is this pattern by Anna & Heidi Pickles. I might even take a page from Prue and add a hood to mine.

Matching Set

I was convinced that nobody loved a matching set more than I do... But clearly I was very wrong. From matching sweater sets to matching your scarf to your sweater, I am convinced that I need to step up my game. I've always loved Phoebe's ability to match even the craziest sweater with a matching scarf or hat. It really just pushes her looks over the edge and I plan on copying that idea all next fall! But Piper wins this category with her striped cardigan with a matching top from a flash back in Season 3 Episode 17. There are so many twin sets to choose from on Ravelry. But I really love this vintage pattern and I think it could easily be made in brighter colors to make it more modern.

Cardigan Go To

If there is one item of knitwear that a Halliwell would grab in a fire it would be her cardigan. I never noticed this before, but the level of cardigans on this show is incredible. There is at least one in every episode of these 3 seasons. When Prue accidentally clones herself they tell each of them apart by their cardigan color. When Piper's wedding is ruined she runs out of the house, but first she grabs her trusty cardigan. Phoebe tries to make her's stand out from the other two, but she still loves a good cardigan as much as her sisters do. This has made me realize that I don't have nearly enough in my wardrobe. If you don't have one in every color then you are doing things all wrong. I have found a cardigan pattern that I can't wait to try. This pattern by Shannon Cook would get the attention of all of the sisters, depending on what colors were used to knit it.

"You're kind of hard to miss in that" -Prue

What's your favorite Halliwell knit? Which of the sister's do you think had the best wardrobe? This has been a little more intense than my last post. Obviously I fell down a crochet rabbit hole and it felt rude to not give the knits on this show the attention that they deserve. I really tried to include every great item of knitwear from the first 3 seasons, but I'm sure something fell through the cracks. Let me know what I missed down in the comments.

I never realized how much Charmed has affected my fashion sense today. I know that people always make fun of the fashion choices on this show. They really do make themselves an easy target for jokes. But they were also very brave and bold in their choices. If you want to wear a cardigan as a top go ahead. If you want to wear the biggest sweater you can find go for it! If the Halliwell's have taught us anything it's that you should be able to dress however you want whenever you want.

"Leo, you obviously don't have sisters. One minute you're arguing about something and then suddenly you're arguing about who stole whose Malibu Barbie in 1979" -Piper


  1. Gosh, I really love the sisters' sense of style! And I aspire to knit things similar to the things they've worn mostly in the first 3 seasons! :)


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