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The Bradigan

We need to talk about The Bradigan! This is hands down my new favorite viral moment. It had all of my favorite things: knitwear, a celebrity that I love, and New York as the backdrop. Last week Katie Holmes stepped out in the most perfect breakup outfit and the internet collectively lost their minds.

Every year New Yorkers face a dilemma. What do you wear in September? It’s not quite cold enough to pull out your fall layers, but it’s also not warm enough in the morning to get away with your summer tanks anymore. Usually this results in a hit or miss outfit. You can choose to be cozy in the morning but drenched in sweat by noon. Or you can freeze on your way to work and in the still air conditioned offices, but feel like a weather psychic when you run out for lunch.

Katie Holmes has found the answer. She is the new queen of September and we should all bow while thanking her for solving this problem. The Telegraph dubbed this, now sold out bra and cardigan set by New York brand Khaite, The Bradigan.

I love this image for so many reasons. The first is that this confirms my theory that Katie Holmes is the easiest celebrity to spot in New York. Over the years I’ve passed Katie Holmes on the street three times and each time I instantly recognized her. Which for me is saying a lot. I am TERRIBLE with names and I usually get a few blocks away from a person before I’m able to match a face with a name. This is because every time I’ve seen her she was wearing something that stood out from the crowd. She’s one of those people that has an “it” factor. It was only a matter of time before she made a designer go viral. Totally fabulous and yet effortlessly so.

(Side note, I have never had a bad run in with her. She seems like a very lovely person. Katie please be my friend).

Next, I should mention that The Bradigan is made of CASHMERE!!!! I could just end this paragraph there, but I want us all to pause and take a moment to appreciate this fact. Not only is this a wonderful look, but it also probably feels freaking fantastic! I fully respect the decision to spend that amount on a cardigan and bra set. If you can do it, power to you. Zero shade will be coming from me. Some people spend money on vacations, others spend on cashmere bra and cardigan sets. This is probably the moment that I should remind you that cashmere is expensive. The bra retailed for $520 and the cardigan retailed for $1,540. As I mentioned they are both currently sold out and I’m incredibly jealous that I’m not in that club. I would have nothing for my rent, but I would be so cozy. It’s at times like these that I wonder if I’m responsible enough to own my own business… but I digress.

Anybody who knows me knows that I love a matching set. This might be the most creative matching set I have ever seen. I’ve been so focused on matching a top to a cardigan or a skirt to a sweater that I completely overlooked the highly underrated bra/cardigan combo. Never again! My needles will now be booked for the next month.

To the world outside of the East Coast (along with several judgy East Coasters) I can see how this could seem a little over the top. But The Bradigan really is perfect for New York City September weather. Plus, anything that gets me into the fall layering season sooner I’m going to say is a win. Over all I want to thank the internet for bringing this to my inbox so many times over the last few days, Katie Holmes for being so recognizable, and Khaite for finally solving this minor annoyance that East Coasters just thought we would have to live with forever.

But what are we supposed to do if we either A)can’t afford or justify spending money on (and I can’t emphasize this enough) THE MOST WONDERFUL THING EVER or B)missed our chance, because it’s now sold out? Well, luckily Wool and The Gang has two kits that will work. I doubt that the plan was to pair them together, but you bet that’s what I’m going to do now! Theirs IS available and comes in Shiny Happy Cotton. Plus, you can make their version yourself at a fraction of the cost. So I guess that’s still a win/win.


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