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Ur F.O.: Rhinebeck Edition

T his year I experienced my very first Rhinebeck! This time last year I was still fairly new to the knitting world and didn't know about NY Sheep and Wool until it was too late for me to go. This year I thought that it would be best if I went up with a group and I ended up taking the String Thing Studio bus up and back on Saturday. Even with getting up at the crack of dawn and getting zero sleep the night before I can easily say that this was a fantastic experience. One of the best parts of my Rhinebeck trip was getting the chance to connect with so many talented makers in our community. Some I knew before this trip and others I'm just learning about now. I was slightly overwhelmed by the idea of wrapping up my Rhinebeck experience into a post. But I wanted to pull out the moments that have stuck with me almost a week later. With that said here are five of my favorite Rhinebeck FOs (and WIPs). I hope that you will take the time to explore the work of these makers b

Behind The Stitches: Sole Salvo

“I love trying to reverse engineer the stitches, and then translate them into a dog proportion while keeping the integrity of the design"

Behind The Stitches: James-William

“I was in absolute awe watching her (my Gran) knit, and I loved the sound of her metal needles clinking against each other, so of course, I asked her to teach me"

Crochet with London Kaye: Book Review

I once read or watched or heard on a podcast (sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember these things. I have such an active imagination that I can read an article and then a year later swear that I watched a documentary) and in it they said the Missoni household is covered in their famous zigzags. I have a vivid image, imagined or not, of all three generations in their living room. Their rugs, couch, blankets, pillows, and outfits are covered in the zigzags. I remember thinking that was how I would love to live my life. That your passion for what you love could be so great that it simply can’t be contained in one aspect of your life. It oozes out until your whole world is consumed by it. No one visits the Missoni home and wonders what they do for a living. I was reminded of this vivid memory or daydream while I was flipping through the pages of London Kaye’s new book Crochet with London Kaye, Projects and Ideas To Yarn Bomb Your Life . This book is more than a how-to book. While

Behind The Stitches: Amanda Solomon

“I label myself as a maker. It’s more than just yarn, it’s more than just knitting and baking. It's anything where I can make the product from the beginning. I’ve always been that kind of person"

Behind The Stitches: Rose Hartle

“K nitting had always been something that I felt connected to and crafting was my connection to my Grandmother and my Mother and it was going to be something I could pass to others"

We Asked, We Are Knitters Listened

Yarn & The City: Suddenly See More

I sat at my computer hitting the refresh button over and over. My nails have basically been bitten down too far for it to still be an enjoyable pastime. I was anxiously waiting for an email from a potential client. I had worked really hard on crafting the perfect introduction email and I felt pretty confident when I pressed send. Finally, a new message popped up in my inbox. “We’ve decided to go in a different direction”. As a small business owner, you learn to build up a thick skin. I told myself what I always tell myself at moments like this, “It’s fine. At least you can be proud of what you did. There are so many fish in the sea. Dust yourself off and move on”. Just as I was beginning to believe my hype my eye noticed that the quoted text in the subject line was from a Rob, but the email came from a Susan (names have been changed). My gut told me not to look any further. But I rarely listen to that old thing anyway so I clicked on the three “see more” dots on the bottom of th

Behind The Stitches: Gina Röckenwagner

“I went from working a fitting room at Anthropologie to designing for Anthropologie in one step”