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Ur F.O.: Your Finished Object November

T he holiday season might be my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of year when I can release my inner Martha Stewart, in a healthy way, while I cover my world in gingerbread and knits. I have a few more things to work on and then I’m officially off the clock until December! This year has flown by and I really can’t believe it’s time to haul out the holly. One of the posts I knew that I couldn’t put off until December is the FO rundown for November! Ur FO is quickly becoming one of my favorite segments on BCH. If you aren’t already familiar with it I highly recommend that you take a minute to check out a few of our past FOs . I’m constantly so impressed by your talent and I love seeing how everyone brings their own personality to their crafts. I’m so excited to close out November with such an incredibly special group of makers. So get ready to be inspired and let's dive into this month’s Ur FO list. ..........

Behind The Stitches: Krista Suh

“W hile I am proud of coming up with the idea of the Pussyhat I don’t think that’s what makes me special. I think that women have great ideas all the time! But unfortunately, I think that as women we tend to talk ourselves out of those ideas immediately "

Holiday Gift Guide 2019

T he holidays are fast approaching and this year I have a wide array of gifts to pick out. What do you get your crafting friend who has everything? What do you pick up on any budget? I was in the middle of doing some online shopping when I realized that there might be a few of you who are trying to do the same thing. Why not share what I've found so far and maybe save you a few hours of online digging? From stocking stuffers to the list you can send your partner, I've got you covered this year. Hopefully, there will be something for everyone, budget, and occasion on this list and you will be all set for this holiday season!

Cartoon Characters & Their Made For TV Knits: Part 1

I n a lot of ways, I think that cartoon character dressing is the way to go. They pick one outfit, or two if they're lucky. Then they only wear that one thing over and over again. They find an outfit that they feel comfortable in and stick with that. I'm definitely guilty of this. Have you ever thought about what your cartoon character outfit would be? Because I have. If I were a cartoon character my outfit would be a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater. As long as I stay inside during the summer, I think that I would be perfectly content in that every single day.

Behind The Stitches: Amber (Divine Debris)

“Y ou’ll never please everyone. I’ve tried to move along with crochet trends and it never works for me, I never find the success that others do so I try to please myself more, even if that means I’m less successful" Sam: Where are you from and where are you currently based? Amber: I was born and raised in Northern Utah but I currently live in Southern California. Sam: What is your craft of choice and where do you think your love of crafting comes from? Amber: I am a crocheter (although a dabbler of other crafts). I am 100% sure I get my love of crafts from both of my parents, my mother makes quilts and crochets and my biological father draws and designs cabinets. Sam: Have you always considered yourself to be a creative person? Amber: Yes! I was the little kid who copied cartoons I saw on tv in notebooks with crayons. I spent years painting and drawing until I started crocheting. I’ve always loved being creative. Sam: What does your yarn stash look like? Amber:

Behind The Stitches: Vickie Howell

I 've been so excited to post this interview from the moment that I hung up the phone. This week's Sunday inspiration comes from Vickie Howell. Knitter, crafter, and DIY expert Vickie Howell. I had a really hard time editing this one because every step of her crafting journey is integral to understanding the bigger picture. A big reason why I'm able to do what I'm doing now is because of people like Vickie doing what they did first. I honestly feel so grateful to have this interview on the site and I can't wait to hear what you take away from her story. (original post date June 16th, 2019) "It was sort of that day that I got that knitting was more than just knitting. It could be a through-line for communication and community" Sam: Who taught you how to knit? Vickie: Well, my mom tried to teach me when I was nine and I hated it. She taught me how to crochet, so I did that. But, I actually didn't learn how to knit until I was maybe twenty-sev

Top 10 Forgotten Knits in Memorable Movies

W hen you think of each of these movies chances are these are not the sweaters that pop into your head. But they should be! I'm going to explore knitwear that is continuously overlooked because a much more iconic item of knitwear steals the show. Maybe this will inspire you to take a second look at these movies. Each of these movies is going to get their own posts eventually. But, those posts will most likely focus on the other more popular knits. So this is a moment for the underdogs to shine! (original post date March 29th, 2019) 1. "Shut up, please. I am very busy and important."  -Bridget Jones

Behind The Stitches: Crystal Green

“A s I become more confident in my knitting, I would say I knit and crochet about the same. But, crochet will always be my first love"

Yarn & The City: #WhyIMake

M aking has always been in my life even if I didn't always know that at the time. Recently LoveCrafts asked bloggers to tackle this seemingly simple question. Why do you make? It seemes like the perfect opportunity for me to open up a little more and tell you about my own crafting journey. My life can be mapped out in a series of handmade objects. Not all of them were made by myself. But they all formed who I am in one way or another. A quilt made for the underground railroad, a wedding gift from a stranger, a lumpy sweater, hand-dyed hanks, and crochet mandalas. One having little to do with the other except for the fact that they all made me the maker that I am today.

Behind The Stitches: Daniela Contreras Flores

“W hen I met tapestry I fell in love with the process"

Crafting Horoscopes: November 2019

T his month I'm making a pact with myself to let go. Something that I've always struggled with is balance. As a small business owner, I find myself holding hundreds of plates in the air at the same time and as a result, I end up only really balancing one or two in the air. Then there's the guilt. The guilt of doing too much, the guilt of not doing enough, and sometimes I even manage to feel guilty about not feeling guilty enough (my poor therapist... or should I say, rich therapist).  A few weeks ago I had coffee with the ever-brilliant Kay of Mason Dixon Knitting and I was about halfway through explaining this vicious spiral to her when she suddenly sat back in her chair and sighed. She looked at me and said "I think the key to finding balance is to stop trying to have balance. Just let things be what they are and stop being so hard on yourself". So that's the goal of the month. Letting go of being the "perfect" business owner, friend, writer, and

Behind The Stitches: Cherrelle Shelton

“I ’ve always been a creative person. I grew up watching my mom and aunts sewing and making so I always had a desire to learn" Sam: Where are you from and where are you currently based? Also, should I call you Cherrelle or Relle during our chat? Cherrelle: My name is Cherrelle, but everybody calls me Relle. I’m from Trenton, New Jersey and I’m currently based in Burlington, New Jersey. Sam: Have you always been a creative person? Where do you think your love of crocheting comes from? Relle: I’ve always been a creative person. I grew up watching my mom and aunts sewing and making so I always had a desire to learn. I actually learned to crochet when I was about 7 years old. My aunt was making a baby blanket for my little cousin and she taught me the single crochet stitch. She even let me crochet a small piece of the blanket she was working on. I’ve been crocheting ever since. Sam: How did you learn to knit? Relle: I taught myself to knit with Youtube videos a