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Behind The Stitches: Amber (Divine Debris)

“You’ll never please everyone. I’ve tried to move along with crochet trends and it never works for me, I never find the success that others do so I try to please myself more, even if that means I’m less successful"

Sam: Where are you from and where are you currently based?

Amber: I was born and raised in Northern Utah but I currently live in Southern California.

Sam: What is your craft of choice and where do you think your love of crafting comes from?

Amber: I am a crocheter (although a dabbler of other crafts). I am 100% sure I get my love of crafts from both of my parents, my mother makes quilts and crochets and my biological father draws and designs cabinets.

Sam: Have you always considered yourself to be a creative person?

Amber: Yes! I was the little kid who copied cartoons I saw on tv in notebooks with crayons. I spent years painting and drawing until I started crocheting. I’ve always loved being creative.

Sam: What does your yarn stash look like?

Amber: A mess. I moved last year and I’m so bad at unpacking, so it’s still a disorganized mess, to be honest. Ha!

Sam: When did you decide to start releasing your patterns? What was the inspiration behind the very first pattern you released?

Amber: Years ago! Maybe 2015? Or perhaps earlier, I honestly cannot remember. Ha. I think my inspiration came from just wanting to see how the textures worked together. I started out designing earrings with thread, which was so fun but moved on to hats and scarves because winter showed up and the yarn was so pretty.

"It’s the best feeling when an idea I had in my head a couple days before becomes a fully formed design"

Sam: Can you walk us through your creative process? What steps do you take when creating a new design?

Amber: I usually know what I want to make, as in a sweater, bag, hat, etc, before I start designing. I then pull out some yarn and start playing around with stitch combinations. I like to see what colors and textures look the best. When I find that I like the way the piece is working up, I start taking notes and grading as I go along. Then, a lot of the time, I have to frog a couple of times before I’m happy with the result.

Sam: What’s one of the biggest lessons you’ve learned since you started releasing your patterns?

Amber: Slow down, take lots of notes, and find what makes me smile. I like to make things that make me happy and balance that with what other people will like. Also, you’ll never please everyone. I’ve tried to move along with crochet trends and it never works for me, I never find the success that others do so I try to please myself more, even if that means I’m less successful.

Sam: Are you more of a Finished Object or a WIP crafter?

Amber: Oh, mostly WIP. I like to start new projects and sometimes, lots of times, they don’t get finished. It’s so exciting to start something new that I just focus on that. It’s the best feeling when an idea I had in my head a couple days before becomes a fully formed design. But… sometimes if it doesn’t work as well as I’d like, it goes in time-out. I work a lot, so it’s a numbers game and I still get lots of work done.

"Crafting, crocheting, and the community therein helps me feel like I have somewhere stable to turn when I feel like my life is out of my control"

Sam: What has your crafting practice brought to your life?

Amber: A grounding consistency. My spouse and I move every few years and it’s hard to feel like I have a place, a home as it were. Crafting, crocheting, and the community therein helps me feel like I have somewhere stable to turn when I feel like my life is out of my control.

Sam: I love how open you are on social media and through your blog. It seems like you really make an effort to connect with your audience. Is that something that naturally evolved over time or was it a more conscious decision?

Amber: I think it’s always been there, to a point, because I grew up with the internet and I think that in a way it’s conditioned me to feel comfortable sharing my feelings and being open online. Things like LiveJournal, Tumblr, Myspace, etc have really been mainstays in my life and it’s been like second nature since I was a wee kiddo to just hop on the computer and put everything out there. However, the way that I interact with my followers is different, it’s even more personal because my face and name are attached to it in a way social media in the past wasn’t. But I am more conscious of setting boundaries than I did before.

Sam: What is the most meaningful crafted object that you own? It doesn’t have to of been made by yourself.

Amber: That’s really hard to say. The first thing that comes to mind is, a lovely clay pot I bought from a local retired gentleman who made gorgeous clay pots and cups and stuff where I lived once upon a time; I still smile when I look at it. But then my mind goes to a fantastic Wonder Woman, Supergirl, and Batgirl pillowcase set my mother sewed for me and I absolutely love them. They’re so cool and also make me smile. I have loads of things like that in my home, various little items that all mean something to me that I’ve picked up or been given, that are all meaningful in their own ways. I don’t think I could pick just one item.

Sam: Do you ever hit design ruts? If so what do you do to push through them and create something new?

Amber: Oh, all the time. Lately, I’ve been creating “lines” where I use similar stitches or combinations and it helps me to have the challenge to make something that matches but in a different form if that makes sense.

Sam: You’ve been crocheting and releasing patterns for a while now. How has your relationship with your crafting practice changed and grown over the years?

Amber: I’ve created a release schedule that helps me. I love the loose structure of releasing designs consistently but being able to have fun within that schedule. Early in my career I just kind of did whatever whenever and felt like I wasn’t finding success.

Sam: Are you working on any new releases that you can tell us about?

Amber: I’ve got a sweater being tested right now that I’m really happy with how it turned out. I can’t wait to see how my testers do with it.

Sam: What do you like to binge-watch or listen to while you craft?

Amber: Oh, everything. Lately, I’ve been watching Schitt’s Creek, it’s such a fun show that doesn’t punch down in its humor, which makes it so enjoyable for me to watch.


If you want to see more of Amber's work you can follow @divinedebris on Instagram, visit divinedebris, and shop Amber's patterns.

Who should I talk to next? Leave your suggestions in the comments section along with any thoughts you have about Amber's interview. I’m always on the hunt for inspiring crafters. Also, don't forget to follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily dose of all things fiber. Until next time, happy crafting!


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