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Behind The Stitches: Crystal Green

“As I become more confident in my knitting, I would say I knit and crochet about the same. But, crochet will always be my first love"

Sam: Where are you from and where are you currently based?

Crystal: I’m a Detroit (Michigan) native who relocated to Chicago four years ago due to my husband’s job. At first, it was scary to move somewhere without any friends or family there - but I'm so glad I did. It forced me to step out of my comfort zone, and I love Chicago, there’s so much to do. Even after four years, I still find new places to experience.

Sam: Have you always been a creative person? Where do you think your love of crafting comes from?

Crystal: Yes, I have always been a creative person! As a kid, my mom would buy me crafts kits from the toy store. I also loved to bake, and watching cooking shows as a kid. I think my love of crafting comes from my grandmother, the person who taught me to crochet.

Sam: When did you learn to knit and crochet and what was your first WIP?

Crystal: I learned to crochet when I was 9 years old, my grandmother taught me. I watched her make so many beautiful blankets and wanted to learn to make one of my own.

I didn't really start crocheting items until college. I had to ask my grandmother for a refresher course. That’s also when I crocheted my first WIP - a blanket for my boyfriend, now husband. He still has it!

Knitting was much harder for me to pick up. My grandmother tried to teach me, but I couldn't get it. So, I decided to take a knitting class at a local yarn shop. My first Knit WIP was a shawl from a pattern at the knit shop.

Sam: Do you find that you do more knitting or more crocheting? What is your go-to crafting project?

Crystal: If you asked me about a year ago, I would have definitely said crochet. As I become more confident in my knitting, I would say I knit and crochet about the same. But, crochet will always be my first love.

I love quick projects, so hats are my go-to craft. I think hats are the perfect projects to try different stitches, and techniques. Also, with the Chicago weather, you can never have too many hats.

Sam: Can you tell us about your day job and what made you decide to start your Etsy shop?

Crystal: I am a nurse on a solid organ transplant unit. Nursing can be very rewarding, but very demanding. Crafting has been an outlet that helps me keep my sanity.

My co-workers encouraged me to open up my Etsy shop. I mentioned my love of crafting, and a colleague asked if I could make a blanket for her new home. Initially, I was so nervous she wouldn’t like it, but she loved it and the word of mouth spread - soon they were pushing me to open up a shop.

Sam: How do you find the time to balance your crafting business with everything else that you have going on in your life?

Crystal: Between balancing work and family, it can be hard to maintain a side business. But, having a nurse schedule (3 days on, 4 days off) gives me some flexibility to keep up with demand. On my days off I try to give myself at least an hour of craft time.

"the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands can’t be replaced... I can actually make something wearable out of yarn and a hook, and I think that’s pretty awesome"

Sam: How would you describe your yarn stash?

Crystal: My yarn stash is a mess!!! You couldn't pay me to show you!!

But, I am trying to cut back on purchasing so much yarn. Before I would see a pretty skein and just buy it. Then it would stay on the self because I had no project for it. Now, I only purchase yarn if I have a plan for it.

Sam: Can you walk us through your typical crafting process? Where do you find your inspiration?

Crystal: My crafting process starts with seeing something that inspires me. It could be a photo on IG, someone’s outfit on the street, or a skein of yarn with a beautiful colorway. Once I visualize it, I write out my design, then try to execute it.

Sam: Are you more of a Finished Object or a WIP crafter?

Crystal: I’m a finished object crafter. Having too many WIPS gives me anxiety lol! Now don't get me wrong, I keep a few WIPs around the house. But, I love the feeling of completing a project. I try to keep it to only three WIPs at a time.

Sam: What has your crafting practice brought to your life?

Crystal: It is truly therapeutic for me. When I have a stressful day, I pour a glass of wine, grab a project and begin to knit/crochet. I instantly relax and the satisfaction of creating something with my own hands can’t be replaced... I can actually make something wearable out of yarn and a hook, and I think that’s pretty awesome.

"Getting to see an idea that you had in your head come to fruition, and people make that idea, is so cool to me"

Sam: Are you currently working on writing more patterns? Do you have any upcoming pattern releases that we can look forward to casting on?

Crystal: My Bouffee ear warmer that was published in Happily Hooked Magazine, will be coming to my Etsy shop in November. I also plan on a knit ear warmer coming out this month.

Sam: What has the process of writing and releasing your patterns been like for you?

Crystal: The process has given me a feeling of accomplishment. I remember feeling so intimidated by it at first, and sometimes the process can be difficult but gratifying. Getting to see an idea that you had in your head come to fruition, and people make that idea, is so cool to me.

Sam: What is the most meaningful crafted object that you own? It doesn’t have to of been made by yourself.

Crystal: The most meaningful project I have is a scarf that my mom made. She and I took a knitting class together, and the scarf was her first project. She didn't pick up knitting too well, so it was her first and only hand knit project!

It took her months to make it, but she never gave up. She passed away five years ago, and every time I see the scarf I have that memory. It always makes me smile.

Sam: Are there any books, classes, accounts, or YouTube channels that you would recommend to new crocheters?

Crystal: I go to YouTube for everything! I wish YouTube existed when I was new to crochet. Some of my favorite channels are, Tlyarncrafts and Bhooked.

Sam: What do you like to binge-watch or listen to while you craft?

Crystal: I don't watch a lot of TV, but when I do its reality TV - don’t judge me. I watch every housewife show.

I LOVE to listen to podcasts while I craft, I am kinda addicted to them. My favorites are How I Built This, Creepy, Bhooked, and My Favorite Murder.


If you want to see more of Crystal's work you can follow her on Instagram @tipsyhook and shop her Etsy shop.

Who should I talk to next? Leave your suggestions in the comments section along with any thoughts you have about Crystal's interview. I’m always on the hunt for inspiring crafters. Also, don't forget to follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily dose of all things fiber. Until next time, happy crafting!


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