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Cartoon Characters & Their Made For TV Knits: Part 1

In a lot of ways, I think that cartoon character dressing is the way to go. They pick one outfit, or two if they're lucky. Then they only wear that one thing over and over again. They find an outfit that they feel comfortable in and stick with that. I'm definitely guilty of this. Have you ever thought about what your cartoon character outfit would be? Because I have. If I were a cartoon character my outfit would be a pair of jeans and an oversized sweater. As long as I stay inside during the summer, I think that I would be perfectly content in that every single day.

Growing up we didn't have cable. So my knowledge of cartoons is probably not where it should be. I'm sure that there are one or two that I'm going to forget. I was only able to watch reruns of the cartoons that came on tv on Saturday mornings. I would wake up as early as I could to make sure that I wouldn't miss a second of my Saturday stories. After a few hours, the cartoons would end, it would shift over to an infomercial, and I would have to wait another week before seeing my favorite characters again. Now I really sound like the elderly millennial that I am... "Back in my day, we had to wait a week before our next cartoon fix" as I wag my finger at a young whippersnapper sitting in front of their Netflix account.

Anywho, for this post, I'm going to explore some of my favorite knits from cartoon characters on television. Some of these shows got spin-offs, reboots, and movies, but I'm mainly focusing on their tv show looks. There are a few cartoon movie characters who wear great knitwear, but I will explore their closets in a later post (I'm looking at you, Caroline). I'm sure I'll have to follow this up with a part two, because there are probably a few that I'm forgetting. Not to mention the fact that I'll have to do one for menswear at some point. Ned Flanders deserves to make it into a post. It's only a matter of time.

(original post date April 8th, 2019)

Judith Anastasia "Judy" Funnie

Judy Funnie was the slightly overly dramatic big sister of Doug Funnie from the Nickelodeon and then later Disney show Doug. Doug was completely embarrassed by his big sister's antics, but maybe she was just misunderstood. When I was a kid I couldn't stand Judy, but the older I get the more I can appreciate her. Judy was unafraid to be herself and determined to make a splash in the art world. Sure, she was a little over the top, but I think she's actually a great role model. Shouldn't we all be trying to release our inner Judy's? Which actually sounds like the beginning of one of her art pieces.

Looking back now I'm realizing how fantastic her signature look really was. An oversized knitted dress and a knitted beret. Yes, please. I'm going to have to remember this for next Fall. The good news is that we can all get a head start on Fall with these knitting kits from Loopy Mango. Their Mohair Beret and Sleeveless Mohair Dress kits are the perfect Judy approved projects for your inner drama queen.

Kuki Sanban (codename Numbuh 3)

I can't think of a cartoon character that appreciates a slouchy sweater more than Kuki Sanban from Codename Kids Next Door. Somehow I had completely forgotten about this show when I sat down to make this list. I might have been too old for this one. However, as a big sister, I still had to watch my fair share of CKND. To be fair, it was a pretty adorable show with a diverse cast so I didn't mind. On the surface, Kuki might come across as an airhead, but she's actually a very intelligent secret operative and proves that you shouldn't be too quick to judge people.

CKND was a cartoon from the early 00s. So that means that Kuki got to change up her outfits on a pretty regular basis. But her looks always included one key feature and that's an oversized sweater. Something that I may never have enough of in my closet. Considering that the temperature on the east coast keeps going from 60 degrees to 30 degrees overnight we might still have a few weeks before we have to pack up our favorite oversized knits. So if you're a fast knitter I would suggest getting started on this retro-style pullover by Stephannie Tallent. I like to think this is the kind of thing that Kuki would be wearing as an adult.

Lisa Simpson

Lisa might not be a character that you think of when you think of knitwear. She rarely strayed from her orange dress. But for one episode Lisa takes on a new cool girl persona in a new town. That means a sweater that I'm assuming is a chevron pattern. By the end of the episode, she's back to her old self. For most of the characters on this list, their sweaters add to their personalities. But in this case, the sweater was part of the problem. Words that I never thought I would have to type.

Just because it wasn't the right fit for her doesn't mean that you can't try it out in a more modern pattern. With MissBackxels 3 in 1 chevron set by MissBackxels by Lee Backx, you should be able to find a style that works no matter what personality crisis you are going through. Today I'm more of a short sleeve dress person, but by the time the pattern arrives, I might be in more of a shirt mood. If only Lisa had this option she might have been able to turn her sweater into her classic dress silhouette without having to get rid of the whole thing.

Penny Proud

If you've read more that one of these posts then I think you are well aware of my deep love of cardigans. I try to work at least one in every week. I just recently read an article that said cardigans are "back in" and I was confused because I didn't know they were ever "out". Penny Proud of the Proud Family obviously feels the same way.

Penny was a straight-A student, on the football team, a fantastic singer, and on the newspaper staff. Her character was so great because she was able to do all of those things and never made it look easy even though it was a cartoon. They were always honest about how much hard work she had to put into all of her activities. Penny wasn't a superhero she was just a hard-working 14-year-old girl. Who faced setbacks and triumphs like everyone else.

As an overachiever myself I can say that a cardigan is a staple in our wardrobes. I love the Carbeth Cardigan by Kate Davies Designs. You are probably already familiar with her patterns, but if not you should look through her page for the pictures alone. She does a fantastic job of photographing her knits.

Velma Dinkley

Velma might have been in the background during her time on Scooby-Doo, but she's certainly not overlooked in the knitting community. Her jumper is iconic and has left its mark on knitwear history. Ok, so maybe I'm feeling a little like Judy Funnie today. Velma is another character who is unafraid to be her nerdy self and because of that, she's gotten the gang out of many difficult situations. Scooby-Doo probably inspired my love of mysteries and true crime so for that I will always have a soft spot in my heart for all of them.

When I was doing my research for this post almost every site referenced her orange sweater when talking about their favorite cartoon character knits. I always try to pick unexpected choices for my posts. But it would just be rude to leave this one out. If you're looking for your next cozy sweater project you should check out The 7-17 Jumper by DROPS design. It's even pictured in orange, so maybe I'm not the only one who thought that this looked like something straight out of Velma's closet.

Lana Kane

Lana Kane is the more competent partner of Archer on Archer. The whole team would be completely lost without her and she does it all in heels. She might have questionable taste in men, but her taste in knitwear is fantastic. If you're feeling nostalgic for cartoon filled weekend mornings after reading this post-Archer is a good way to get your cartoon fix in a more adult format.

Lana does get to change outfits depending on the mission, but her go-to is her camel sweater dress. Probably not the most practical choice for a spy, but it's the perfect choice for your next project. The Cable Cowl Sweater – Tunic by Laimute Vaiciuliene is a great choice and it has the one thing that was missing from Lana's sweater and that's a big horseshoe cable that goes down the front. It might be a little late in the year for this project. You can always add it to your wish list for next year and start it in a couple of months.

Ginger Foutley

It's difficult to balance wanting to be noticed and not wanting to be different. Ginger Foutley from As Told By Ginger is constantly trying to balance exactly that. Ginger is incredibly awkward and incredibly relatable. She might not agree with being added to this list, but I think that it takes guts to be yourself in high school.

Even though Ginger always felt like she got the short end of the stick she actually lucked out in the knitwear department. Ginger actually gets to wear several more outfits than the others on this list. But my favorite of Ginger's sweaters is her striped orange jumper. For someone that just wants to fit in this jumper does a pretty good job of making a statement. Everyone needs a reliable sweater like this in their closet. I love the Relax Knit Through It Sweater by Wool and the Gang.

Ashley Spinelli

Or just Spinelli, as she prefers to be called, was a spunky character from the cartoon Recess. She used her tough reputation to defend kids that were weaker than her and being bullied on the playground. The message was stand up for what you believe in, even if it's not the popular choice. In the show, there was a click of mean girls called the Ashley's which is why Spinelli goes by her last name. She could have very easily chosen to be one of them, but that just wasn't who she was.

If I had to describe her the first thing that I would bring up is her knitted hat followed closely by her pigtails. She never took it off. I don't spend enough time on knitted accessories so I thought that I should include Spinelli in this list. I recommend the Harlow hat by Andrea Mowry in honor of Spinelli's hat. It's a great throw on hat that could easily fit in with your everyday wardrobe.

Kim Possible

Kim Possible makes three secret service agents on this list. Kim's a cheerleader who fights crimes in her spare time. Maybe the writers behind Heroes were inspired by Kim Possible. This is another cartoon that was a little after my time. However, I did a lot of babysitting and that means having to watch my fair share of the Disney channel. But I was always thrilled when the kids asked to watch Kim Possible. Such an empowering role model. Plus, Kim had a naked mole-rat as a sidekick... what's not to love?

She was also lucky enough to have a great work uniform. Which includes her black turtle neck sweater. She was always matching with her partner and best friend during their missions. I love a matching set for myself, but I've never considered wearing a matching sweater with my best friend. Are friendship sweaters a thing? If not can we make them a thing???  If you're looking for the perfect matching jumper set you should test out the His n Hers Round Neck Sweaters by Juval Designs.

Patti Mayonnaise

Starting and ending this post with a Doug character just seems right. So maybe the writers of Doug weren't the best at naming their characters. But they did create a sweet show that definitely holds a soft spot in my heart. A big part of that was because of the relationship between Doug and Patti. At a time when the leading man typically had to rescue the damsel in distress, Doug showed that Patti was just as capable (if not more capable at times) than Doug to rescue herself.

Patti was another strong character who was never afraid to stand up for what was right and did it all in a great blue and purple sweater. I'm realizing that I should take a tip from Patti and add a few more patterns into my wardrobe. The Polka-Dot Pullover by Kennita Tully is a great place to start.


I'm already missing the weekend, but hopefully planning out your next projects will help with the Monday blues. As usual, let me know what you think in the comments. What cartoon characters wear your favorite knits? Are there patterns that you think fit into one of these character's closets? Leave a link and maybe you'll inspire someone's next WIP. I'm always looking for recommendations on the next tv show or movie I should tackle. Don't forget to follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily dose of all things knitted and to stay up to date on our upcoming events. Until next week, happy crafting!


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