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Ur F.O.: Your Finished Object November

The holiday season might be my favorite time of the year. It’s the time of year when I can release my inner Martha Stewart, in a healthy way, while I cover my world in gingerbread and knits. I have a few more things to work on and then I’m officially off the clock until December! This year has flown by and I really can’t believe it’s time to haul out the holly.

One of the posts I knew that I couldn’t put off until December is the FO rundown for November! Ur FO is quickly becoming one of my favorite segments on BCH. If you aren’t already familiar with it I highly recommend that you take a minute to check out a few of our past FOs. I’m constantly so impressed by your talent and I love seeing how everyone brings their own personality to their crafts.

I’m so excited to close out November with such an incredibly special group of makers. So get ready to be inspired and let's dive into this month’s Ur FO list.


"This pattern seemed really intimidating at first just because of the detailed design. It was something I had never tried before but I knew I just had to take on the challenge. I was pleasantly surprised that the pattern was so simple, yet meticulously designed to create a stunning effect. And I feel like it suits my personality and style."
Yarn: Lion Brand LB Collection Superwash Merino in eggplant, peony, and teal
Photo Credit @christoquintal

"I loved knitting this top because it didn't take me too much time and the result is so pretty. The details are so delicate. I always love making with Bleu Poussière (Dusty Blue)'s yarn because it's hand-dyed with natural elements, the quality is incredible."



"This was the project that brought me out of my comfort zone in many ways! I thought I could only make hats and scarves. To make a crop top and wear it was a huge milestone for me and to wear it was a whole other subject! If you’re second-guessing yourself... stop it! Take the leap, buy the yarn, and make the fabulous thing!"

Pattern: Sea Breeze Crop by Creations By Bexus @creationsbybexus
"I’ve actually made this pattern twice. I love that the colorwork uses just two colors and once you’re done with the yoke, you can just cruise! The pattern is simple and the pattern is delicate but the worsted weight yarn makes it hardy."

Susan LaCroix
of Water and Wool
"This WIP was a labor of love. I was committed to making a fall shawl with these three yarns together with multiple textures. Once Andrea Mowry released this pattern I was excited to use these yarns for it. I modified the pattern a bit so it would only take one skein of the main color instead of two. This pattern was challenging for me with the lace sections and the brioche bobble border. I'm so happy with the FO, it was worth the challenge!"
Yarn: "Angora Online, they are a small angora farm who also hand-dyed wool. I found them at Rhinebeck in 2017. 80 superwash / 20 nylon. Yarns had no name."

Pattern: Baubles by Andrea Mowry

"This was my very first knit sweater and at first, I was scared to venture out of the land of hats and scarves, but making it truly was a joy. I loved seeing my progress and making little alterations to make it exactly what I wanted. Since finishing the sweater I’ve become fully obsessed with garment knitting. I’m already on my third sweater and my Ravelry queue has grown exponentially!"

The Wave wool in Copper
Pattern: A cropped version of the We Are Knitters Kara Sweater
Emily Risë

"I had the pleasure of being able to test knit this design for Megan, which was lucky for me because as soon as I had seen the preview photo of her sweater on Instagram, I was absolutely in love. This knit was a convergence of the old and new, the yarn was a gift from my father back when I very first started knitting and it was a joy to finally be able to match it to its perfect sweater. I’m all about “using the good yarn” in your stash, but sometimes holding on to it until you find the right pattern is worth it."
Yarn: The sadly discontinued Classic Elite Yarns Moorland in the Lochness colorway

"This project marks the beginning of my mental illness recovery. I’d been struggling with OCD, anxiety, and depression for so long that when I decided to take medication and noticed an amazing difference, I had to commemorate that in some way. It’s the start of a fun and meaningful collection!"
Pattern: No pattern it's her own design!

"I saw this as a test knit for @shinysuperhero and immediately responded when she had her test call.  Everything about this cardigan called my name despite never having tried intarsia before. This cardigan is definitely the F.O. that showcases the modernity of knitting these days.  It’s not a TV knit, but the effort is so worth it."
Yarn: "This pattern used 7 different yarns, but the peach from Araucania Huasco Peach is what brought all the colors together. I also used this beautiful grey from Valkyrie Fibers called “Earendil” that had pops of blue that made me melt. I also loved using the last of my @StunningStringStudio Funky Fushia because there are few pinks that have such vibrancy."
Pattern: Amalia Cardigan by @shinysuperhero

I want to thank everyone who came together to make this post happen. Thanks for taking the time to chat with me. I would love to hear from more of you! What WIPs are currently on your needles, hooks, looms, hoops, or machines? Also, don't forget to follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily dose of all things knitted and to stay up to date on our upcoming NYC events. Until next time, happy crafting!


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