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The Knitwear of A Nanny Named Fran Fine

There are fashion icons who come once in a generation, making an impact so great that they will be remembered for all of time. I'm talking of course about the flashy girl from flushing (bump, bump) the Nanny, named Fran. As a child, my parents refused to get cable. It wasn't until I went away to college that my parents decided to get a cable box (still bitter). There was one month when in middle school my parents announced that we suddenly had cable. My sister and I took full advantage of this. Watching every second of cartoons that we could until at the end of the month my parents told us that it was just a trial and the box was going away. A crushing blow. Is it really any surprise that I decided to start a business where I can get paid to watch my favorite shows? Wow, that got off track quickly and is probably best left for my therapist.
Getting back to my point. Since we didn't have cable, network shows became my bread and butter. Sister Sister, Sabrina, and of course The Nanny were all parent-approved while also reaching the level of drama I so craved as a child.

Just in case you never had the chance to appreciate The Nanny (stop reading this binge-watch the seasons on Hulu and then come back) Fran Fine was the unexpected role model I needed as a kid. She starts out as a heartbroken woman who defines herself by her romantic relationships. But over the course of the show, she becomes more confident in herself and her intelligence.

The best part of Fran is that she is never embarrassed of herself. Those around her might judge her outfits or point out that sequins and feathers are not appropriate for school pickups. But Fran doesn't care. She loves what she loves and while she does evolve over the show her fashion doesn't become tamer to fit her new role of stepmother and wife of a preppy family. If anything those around her change to fit her. Which for its time was revolutionary. I'm clearly a Fran fan so just a warning this post is going to be a long one. Here are my favorite Fran Fine knitwear moments with links to similar patterns so you can live your best life!

Credit for the images in this post goes to @WhatFranWore. An incredible Instagram account dedicated to doing the good work of chronicling Fran's every outfit. One image, however, is from @TheNannyExhibit an account for an upcoming fashion exhibit. Coming soon to NYC.


 (Yes, I know this is the wrong shape, but the idea is very Fran if you change the colors)
 (This is my new favorite WIP. Talk about sweater goals) 

Cardigans & Vests

 (It's the right shape but I couldn't find a similar print)

Fran Fine Staples: Robes and The Black Turtleneck

Accessories & Other Fran Moments That Just Can't Be Defined

(was this just an excuse to show a picture of this coat...yes. Yes, it was)



  1. Fran Fine! I grew up watching her too. I couldn't tell you a single thing about a single plot of any episode, but I remember her fashion!

    1. Honestly same, I remembered a lot when I went back to do research for this post. But I couldn't tell you how the show ended if I tried. But the outfits... I remember almost every single one!


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