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Yarn & The City: Breakes But Not Broken

Over the last month, I've started and stopped a new post a million times in my head. I never planned to take such a long break from posting. I launched this blog in July of last year and since then I've posted 2-5 times a week. As many of you, who have been around here for a minute, know I have the "too much gene". Meaning that when I have an idea it can't just be a passing thought with zero effort. It has to be epic. The epicness of an idea can create magic, but it can also drain me. I'm not someone who checks in with myself. I can work for hours before I realized that I haven't eaten or stood up all day.

I'm not entirely sure when I realized I was doing that with Bobble. But I decided to take a step back and planned to take two weeks off for the holidays. I don't think that I realized how exhausted I was until I stopped. Kind of like the first time you wear a new pair of boots. You are so excited about them and wear them all day. It's not until you sit and get off your feet for a minute that you realize your feet are hurting you. That doesn't mean that you throw away the shoes but it also doesn't mean that you should push through that pain and continue to wear them every day... all day long.

I think that for me I haven't found a balance between these two modes. I expect myself to be superhuman or else I'm comatose. I remember a few months ago I asked Kay from MDK about how she finds balance in her life and she said that she doesn't. Meaning that accepting that you can't have it all, all at the same time is balance. I'm not saying that I'm there yet because I'm not. What I'm saying is that I'm not going to be as hard on myself anymore. In Laerke Bagger's interview, she talked about how taking breaks is a part of her creative process. Without the brakes, the process wouldn't happen. One thing leads to the other. It's a mindset shift that I'm still working on.... I'm trying.

Yarn winding & wine
So I guess I say all of this to say that I'm back (ish). I'm going to get back into posting more regularly. But there are going to be times when I need to step away. This blog is the first thing that I've done that has felt like a complete reflection of me and my heart. So it will always be around in some way shape or form. But I'm also accepting the fact that the form and way may shift and morph as I do. I hope that you're ok with that and I hope that we can grow together this year to create the community we want to see.

Now it's time to get back to growing this incredible community and sharing your maker stories. It's going to be a good year!


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Crochet with London Kaye: Book Review

I once read or watched or heard on a podcast (sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember these things. I have such an active imagination that I can read an article and then a year later swear that I watched a documentary) and in it they said the Missoni household is covered in their famous zigzags. I have a vivid image, imagined or not, of all three generations in their living room. Their rugs, couch, blankets, pillows, and outfits are covered in the zigzags. I remember thinking that was how I would love to live my life. That your passion for what you love could be so great that it simply can’t be contained in one aspect of your life. It oozes out until your whole world is consumed by it. No one visits the Missoni home and wonders what they do for a living.

I was reminded of this vivid memory or daydream while I was flipping through the pages of London Kaye’s new book Crochet with London Kaye, Projects and Ideas To Yarn Bomb Your Life. This book is more than a how-to book. While it do…


To The Makers Featured In This Post, I want to thank you for your inspiration. You are a constant source of creativity. You challenge me to be better, create more, and never stop dreaming. You are magic and you are not alone. ..........
To The Other Makers Reading This Post, This list wasn't difficult to put together. It took longer to format than it did to track down. And could have been much longer. Continue to challenge yourself and expand your circle.