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Stay Home + Knit With Clinton Hill Cashmere

L isten, I know that I am a hoarder. In general, I am a hoarder but I am particularly a hoarder when it comes to yarn. I knot memories into each skein. Winding them into each fiber until they become more than the inanimate objects that they should be. I can no longer tell you the color name but I can describe to you where I was when I first saw it and can tell you all about who I was with when I bought it. I can walk you through the entire day in precise detail. On the one hand, this sounds like a useful superpower. But it's actually my new project kryptonite and can prevent me from finishing & starting WIPs.  I go to knit a new project and I'm no longer casting on with a hand-dyed speckled yarn. I'm knitting with My First Trip To Rhinebeck and no project seems to be good enough for the memory. This is the case with my first ball of yarn from the Clinton Hill Cashmere Company . Becky, of CHCC, sent it to me after we worked together on a sponsored post for *B*CH las