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Stay Home + Knit With Clinton Hill Cashmere

Listen, I know that I am a hoarder. In general, I am a hoarder but I am particularly a hoarder when it comes to yarn. I knot memories into each skein. Winding them into each fiber until they become more than the inanimate objects that they should be. I can no longer tell you the color name but I can describe to you where I was when I first saw it and can tell you all about who I was with when I bought it. I can walk you through the entire day in precise detail. On the one hand, this sounds like a useful superpower. But it's actually my new project kryptonite and can prevent me from finishing & starting WIPs. 

I go to knit a new project and I'm no longer casting on with a hand-dyed speckled yarn. I'm knitting with My First Trip To Rhinebeck and no project seems to be good enough for the memory. This is the case with my first ball of yarn from the Clinton Hill Cashmere Company. Becky, of CHCC, sent it to me after we worked together on a sponsored post for *B*CH last year. She was one of the first accounts to support the blog and that sponsored post, GIRLS & Clinton Hill Cashmere, is still one of my favorite posts on the blog (shameless plug). I probably would have written it anyway but it made it so much more special to be able to promote a company that I adore. 

My First Ball of CHCC arrived in a cream colored pouch with a black drawstring. Which felt appropriate for the level of pomp and circumstance that I had already imbued it with. I squished it and placed it gently back into the pouch for fear that my clumsiness would get the best of me and somehow it would disintegrate through my fingers. 

I would take it out of the pouch from time to time. Someone would post a gorgeous pattern and I would think to myself "Finally, something that compares to My First CHCC!". But by the time I would pull out my needles and get set up that initial excitement would fade and I was left with a deep FOMFO (fear of missing finished object). The logical response to this fear is to remind yourself that you can buy more yarn. But I've never been a particularly logical person. So instead I would convince myself that I didn't really want to make that project anyways and carefully place My First Ball of CHCC back into the pouch.

On and on this cycle continued... until The slogan hat. Becky had created the hat of my dreams and I knew that I had to make it the second I saw it. But because I'm zany I still wasn't ready to use My First Ball of CHCC. So at Vogue Knitting Live NYC this year I swung by Becky's booth, after my first ever VKL lecture and picked up the kit for the Slogan Hat, which included two new balls of CHCC. 

Many of you who have been here before and are used to my antics already know where this story is going. When I got home that yarn stopped being my Slogan Hat Kit yarn and it became my First VKL Lecture yarn. And this ladies, gentlemen, and my non-binary friends is how you end up with a yarn stash that is as problematic as mine.

This would have continued on and on but a little over a week ago Becky released her Stay Home + Knit version of the Slogan Beanie. Suddenly I couldn't think of a better project to work on while cooped up at home. This time when I took out my supplies I didn't hesitate. Instead, I dove right in. And now I have some regrets. I regret all of the time and projects I've wasted with my FOMFO. Knitting with CHCC is a dreamy experience! The cashmere running through my fingers and sliding across my metal needles. Each stitch effortlessly gliding around my circulars. It was (chefs kiss) fantastic. 

While I wasn't wrong to place this yarn on such a high pedestal. I was wrong to deprive myself of something incredible just because of my FOMFO. To top it off the proceeds from the Stay Home + Knit Beanie Pattern go to charity. ALL proceeds of the pattern sales will be donated to the tireless hospital employees and first responders working around the clock risking their lives to save ours. This is just further evidence that Becky is just a magical human. I can't recommend that you make and share this pattern enough. You would be supporting a great cause, an incredible small business, and making a super fun project. Win, Win, Win.

Thank you Becky for everything you've done to inspire and support the makers in this community. To find out more about the Kit, Pattern, or the Clinton Hill Cashmere company you can visit

What companies/small businesses do you want to hear about next? I'm taking this time to spotlight the makers you want to support. Leave your suggestions in the comments below along with any thoughts you have about the Stay Home + Knit Pattern. I’m also always on the hunt for inspiring crafters so if there's a maker you want to see an interview with let me know and I'll see what I can do. You can follow along on my Instagram account @bobbleclubhouse for your daily(ish) dose of all things fiber. 

Until next time, happy crafting!


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