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I May Destroy You

I do want to give a trigger warning at the beginning of this post. If you are not familiar with the premise of HBO's new show I May Destroy You I suggest you look into that before continuing to read. I'm not going into depth on this topic but you should have the choice as to whether or not you want to read more. All photo credit for this post goes to I May Destroy You "I honestly don't know where to begin". That seems to be the answer that flows most freely from my lips when I'm asked to think about the last few weeks. I couldn't find it in me to write anything at all for the longest time. I'm disappointed but not surprised. I'm exhausted but I cannot allow myself to rest. I'm outraged and terrified, and disillusioned, and determined. Or as Black people call it, a typical Sunday night. But that isn't what brought me to finally pick up my computer today. No, I was pulled to write this post from a place of hurt caused by HBO and their choi