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Story Time: The Gremlin & The Granny

H ow my inner gremlin almost kept Bobble from being nominated for’s blog personality of the year (humble brag), doodles, and other short stories. The other day Instagram reminded me that I just passed the second anniversary of my very first event and the first anniversary of the Blog. Can you believe that? I honestly can’t. Building Bobble has been an incredible roller coaster of emotions. I think that it’s easy and comfortable for me to only share the high points when building a business. I know that I feel much more comfortable sharing successes than I do while sharing my failures. But both the successes and the “failures” have made me who I am today.  I call the negative voice in my head my inner gremlin because like a troll that lives under a bridge it pops up out of nowhere to keep me from reaching my goals. My inner gremlin is full of riddles and questions like “Do you  really  think you should post that?”, “Is that  really  how you wanted that project to turn out?