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Story Time: The Gremlin & The Granny

How my inner gremlin almost kept Bobble from being nominated for’s blog personality of the year (humble brag), doodles, and other short stories.

The other day Instagram reminded me that I just passed the second anniversary of my very first event and the first anniversary of the Blog. Can you believe that? I honestly can’t. Building Bobble has been an incredible roller coaster of emotions. I think that it’s easy and comfortable for me to only share the high points when building a business. I know that I feel much more comfortable sharing successes than I do while sharing my failures. But both the successes and the “failures” have made me who I am today. 

I call the negative voice in my head my inner gremlin because like a troll that lives under a bridge it pops up out of nowhere to keep me from reaching my goals. My inner gremlin is full of riddles and questions like “Do you really think you should post that?”, “Is that really how you wanted that project to turn out?”, and “Are you really skilled enough to make that?”. I am very guilty of letting this irritating gremlin control my choices. More often than I would like to admit I’ve listened to the gremlin and turned back around deciding that I liked my side of the bridge better anyways. Crossing to the other side was a silly idea. So what if there could be something better on the other side. If the gremlin says I shouldn't cross then I probably shouldn't cross. 

This was the inner conversation I had with myself when I started to think about creating the blog. I had been hosting my events for about a year at that point and was fascinated by the stories that I was hearing from the creatives that were showing up to my parties. I remember thinking “Someone should write these down!”. This thought was instantly followed by the gremlin saying “You are not a writer. That “someone” is not you!”. One thing I can’t accuse the gremlin of is tardiness. Its timing is impeccable. So I put the notion away and went back to playing on my side of the bridge. 

However, I knew that I wanted to share these stories in some way. That idea gnawed at me until I decided to start the Elderly Millennial podcast. It was harder for my gremlin to talk me out of that idea because at the time I believed that podcasting was as simple as talking to people. I talk to people every day so how hard could it be? My lack of podcasting knowledge allowed me to take that leap. If I had known what a podcast entailed my gremlin would have had more material to use to talk me out of that too. 

After weeks of struggling to record episodes only to have one person listen to them (thanks mom), I was at my wit's end. Then one day after recording an episode my equipment failed. I had spent a very long time interviewing a creator and half of their interview was garbled and unlistenable. But I knew that they had taken the time to sit with me and I also knew that I still wanted to tell their story. Despite my gremlin, I sat down on the bridge and decided that I would just try to write the story down. 

It flowed out of me like word vomit in mean girls. It wasn’t like my gremlin had described it at all. It felt natural and I had so much fun stringing my words together. When I finished I realized it was 1 am (which is WAY past this granny’s bedtime). I remember flopping on the bed and trying to fall asleep but one single thought kept me awake. My gremlin was wrong or worse it had knowingly lied to me. What else had it lied about? What other thing had it kept me from trying and attempting? Once you realize that the gremlin is just fear you also realize that some fears are just helpful yellow flags, not bright red stop signs. 

My gremlin is still there. I would like to say that I banished it and I lived happily ever after in the land of endless possibility. But that’s not honest. However, I know now that it lies. It pops up to force me to consider the consequences of my actions but it does not have to have the final word.  

Cross the bridges you’ve been wanting to cross. Hear the warnings of the gremlin and think about how you can constructively work through the points it brings up. Don’t let it control you. 

And You'll Lived Happily Ever After

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