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The Knitwear of Emily In Paris

G oing into Emily In Paris, I assumed that it was going to be similar to shows like Sex and The City and Gossip Girl but I couldn't have been more wrong.  Emily in Paris is the story of a gallery girl named Camille who has a fateful run-in with social media marketer Emily Cooper. Emily has just recently moved to Paris. Despite giving off a friendly first impression, Emily has a dark motive, and she slowly weasels her way into Camille's life. By the end of the season, Emily has found a way to cheapen Camille's family Champagne business, slept with Camille's boyfriend, and also her 17-year-old brother. And for some reason, no one is talking about the two biggest mysteries of the series. One, what happened to the former social media manager Patricia who was the only person to see Emily for who she is. And two, Emily's wardrobe is MASSIVE, but we only see her moving in a few suitcases to her apartment at the beginning of the show. And in the last episode, we learn that

Ur F.O.: Crocheting Promise

O ne of the many reasons why I love crafting so much is that two makers can start with the same pattern but will end up with completely different FOs by the time they weave in their ends. The creativity that each maker brings to the same number of stitches is inspiring. One project that I've been wanting to start for almost a year now is the Promise dress from Heather of @HGDesignsCrochet. I stumbled across this project while researching another U.R. FO post. The maker behind this incredible dress, Heather, has a new post up on the blog  today where she wrote all about the back story of this project. But in this post, you'll get the chance to see how four different makers who tested this dress tackled it in completely different ways.  The Promise dress is now available for purchase here: Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links "I made granny square after granny square, the repetition soothing and grounding"

Promise By Heather of @HGDesignsCrochet

H ey everyone, I am Heather of HGDesignsCrochet and I design granny square garments for the modern maker and I am also the author of a series of workbooks taking a hobbyist to successful crochet designer, coming soon. I have been a crocheter for almost a decade and I have come to realise that I reach for my hook even more so during life’s trials. Promise is my latest design, a dress made entirely of iconic granny squares. You can style it with converse and a denim jacket, thick tights and biker boots, or a with heels and a set of eyelashes. Where it in your style, in whatever colour combination you please and share that granny square goodness. Promise has a huge personal back story that I am going to share. PROMISE (verb) is defined as: to assure someone that one will definitely do something or that something will happen, give good grounds for expecting; and, to have a particular quality or be a particular thing, showing signs that it will have that quality or be the thing