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Promise By Heather of @HGDesignsCrochet

Hey everyone,

I am Heather of HGDesignsCrochet and I design granny square garments for the modern maker and I am also the author of a series of workbooks taking a hobbyist to successful crochet designer, coming soon. I have been a crocheter for almost a decade and I have come to realise that I reach for my hook even more so during life’s trials.

Promise is my latest design, a dress made entirely of iconic granny squares. You can style it with converse and a denim jacket, thick tights and biker boots, or a with heels and a set of eyelashes. Where it in your style, in whatever colour combination you please and share that granny square goodness. Promise has a huge personal back story that I am going to share.

PROMISE (verb) is defined as:

to assure someone that one will definitely do something or that something will happen,

give good grounds for expecting; and,

to have a particular quality or be a particular thing, showing signs that it will have that quality or be the thing.

Promise was made in the waiting room of the ICU ward following my brother's motorbike accident in June 2019. The design filled my mind and occupied my hands for all those hours that we sat taking it in turns to sit with my brother and comfort him whilst he was in a coma. It filled countless hours of waiting and watching. It helped mark time and show that time was moving forward, that things were changing for the better. It provided comfort to those who sat and watched me working on it, giving them something else to comment on and something else to fill their mind other than our loved ones receiving urgent care in the wards. It pulled us together, I have never been more thankful for crochet than at that time.

I made granny square after granny square, the repetition soothing and grounding. Every single stitch is woven with my prayers, every single end entwined with the assurance that things will get better. I clung to the Promise. I finished the dress around the time he was successfully woken from his coma. I wore it out in a meal at a restaurant when my family and I celebrated the fact that he is still here and to mark the beginning of a long road to recovery. Over a year on and that journey continues for him. In that time I dedicated myself to my YouTube channel and learning how to size grade designs so as to publish #CrochetingPromise for sale.

It is with pride that I see this dress bringing joy to so many others once again. I dedicate this pattern to every member of staff and to each of the families who were and are a part of his recovery. To those who live on in our hearts and to those who were granted grace to live to see another day. Promise is available in sizes XS to 5XL from my website, Etsy, LoveCrafts, and Ravelry. The granny squares are made using double knit yarn and a 3.5mm hook and supporting tutorials are on my channel. I chose to use stash yarn for the centres and joined using a sparkle black as I had that to hand. Some of my testers have gone with ombre effects, some chose to make the granny squares all one colour, some have gone with the brightest most neon colours you can imagine, if you want to take a look have search the hashtag #CrochetingPromise.

You can get your copy on my website and for the first month of release, it is at a reduced price of £6. You can also get Promise in automatic bundle discount with my first pattern, Revival for £10 by adding both to your basket.

Happy making!



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