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Ur F.O.: Crocheting Promise

One of the many reasons why I love crafting so much is that two makers can start with the same pattern but will end up with completely different FOs by the time they weave in their ends. The creativity that each maker brings to the same number of stitches is inspiring. One project that I've been wanting to start for almost a year now is the Promise dress from Heather of @HGDesignsCrochet. I stumbled across this project while researching another U.R. FO post. The maker behind this incredible dress, Heather, has a new post up on the blog today where she wrote all about the back story of this project. But in this post, you'll get the chance to see how four different makers who tested this dress tackled it in completely different ways. 

The Promise dress is now available for purchase here:

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links

Giovanna Zofia
"It’s a little funny, but even though I’ve been crocheting for over 25 years, I had never made a basic granny square before attempting this dress. I tend to jump into things with both feet, so I was so thrilled to test this beautiful dress made up entirely of granny squares! Not only did I learn how to make a basic four-round granny, but I also learned the “Continuous Join-as-you-Go” technique with the help of a few YouTube videos and the support of my testing group. My granny square Trial by Fire was a total success, and I can’t wait to wear my cozy new sweater dress through the colder seasons"
Yarn: Hobbii yarn Rainbow 8/8 in colors: 056, 063, 006
and Cotton Kings 8/8 in colors 11 and 38
"I absolutely loved creating my very own granny square dress using the promise pattern. I generally stick to quite small projects so this was a big undertaking for me but knowing I would be able to wear the finished piece to the crochet classes I teach as inspiration really pushed me to use such a special pattern"
Yarn: "a combination of stylecraft dk and scraps of bonus dk"
Ravelry: kikosstrickschule

"I enjoyed the fact that every little square was really quick to finish and it was fun mixing the colours"

Paige Myers
"This was my first time participating in a pattern test AND my first time crocheting a granny square! For a total beginner, I think I did ok! 😉 Heather was super supportive throughout the whole process, and it was really fun to message back and forth progress photos with everyone. I don't have a lot of friends in my city who knit/crochet (plus we can't really hang out during a pandemic!) so it's been so beneficial for me to meet crafty people on Instagram. I'm already dreaming up my next crochet project-- it's going to be the Revival Pattern from HG Designs!!"
Yarn:Hobbii Rainbow Cotton 8/8 yarn. Colors were:

006 (Light Brown)
063 (Powder Rose)
021 (Army Green-- this was my joining color)
072 (Olive)
060 (Bordeaux
004 (Beige)
You can read Heather's Post about this incredible project HERE!

Happy Crafting!


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