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April Crafting Horoscopes 2021

We could all use a little more fun in our lives! So the crafting horoscopes are back this month. Grab your hooks, needles, looms, and hoops because many of you have a big month of stitching ahead of you!  As always, I do want to preface this by saying that this is all meant in good fun and to bring a smile to your face. Please do not change your whole life based on my horoscopes! With that said let's get into your crafting horoscopes for April! (These images contain alt text.) 

Let's Get Ready To Knit + Escape!

First of all, I want to thank Kristy Glass for inviting me to be a part of the upcoming Knit + Escape event ! Kristy was one of the first makers who really welcomed me into the knitting world when I was but a young granny. I am thrilled to be able to be a part of her virtual event Knit + Escape ! On Saturday, April 10th I will be teaching Social Media Tips For Your Small Business at Knit + Escape .  It's only two weeks away so I have a lot of excitement to pack into a short amount of time, so let's get into it! I made so many mistakes when I was first joining social media. So this will largely be a do what I say and not what I do situation. But the biggest mistake I made when I first joined the platform was taking tips and tricks from large accounts and assuming that they would work for my small start-up. Hint, hint, they didn't! Many accounts offer advice based on what worked for them 5 years ago or even just 1 year ago and social media moves so quickly that what worked f

Granny's Recipe Box: Labneh

Can you call it a recipe if it only involves 2 ingredients? Yes. Yes, you can. Let me introduce you to my newest obsession,  Labneh! Needed: *1 container of Greek Yogurt *A pinch of Kosher Salt  (you definitely don't need a container of salt that is this big!) *Cheesecloth *2 large bowls *Strainer Steps: *Pour the container of greek yogurt into one of your bowls *Add the pinch of Kosher Salt *Stir *Place your strainer over the second bowl *Place the cheesecloth into the strainer *Pour the yogurt/salt mixture onto the cheesecloth *Cover with the edges of the cheesecloth *Refrigerate for 24 hours, leaving the cheesecloth in the strainer and the strainer on top of the bowl. This way you can drain the water from the yogurt.  That's all folk! No seriously, that's all there is to it! You can enjoy labneh in a savory or sweet way. But I love it on top of fruit crumble with honey. Woohoo! 10/10 in ease and taste!  One day I will make my own yogurt and do part 2 of this post. But if

Behind The Stitches: Angela Mayhoe

First of all, I have SOOOOO missed doing these. I needed to take a second to recharge my batteries before I could dive into my blog and podcast again. But I'm back and I have some very special stories up my knitted sleeves for you! I couldn't be happier that my first interview back is with one of my favorite yarnies on social media. This week we are getting to know Angela Mayhoe of @angelamayhoe  and!   "Creating something over a period of time and being a witness to its creation is pure magic!" Sam: Where are you from and where are you currently based?  Ange: I was born in LA, raised in Houston. I’ve been back in LA for the past 23 years and reside in the Los Feliz/Silver Lake area. Sam: Have you always been a creative person? Where do you think your love of crafting comes from? Ange: YES! I’ve always had a creative side. I would imagine living in different worlds as a kid and was constantly daydreaming about all of the places I wanted to visit (real