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UR F.O.: The Blanca Flight Suit

My favorite thing about the making community is that people can take the same source material and will inevitably see it in completely different ways. We all come from unique perspectives. Our differences make us wonderful. There's something special about each of us and I think this is perfectly illustrated in how we all approach our making. Whether you choose to follow the pattern to a T or you want to use the pattern as inspiration and go in a new direction, the end result will be uniquely you. 

This week we have the chance to see how a group of talented sewists all put their unique spin on the Blanca Flight Suit! Released May 11th, 2020 by Closet Core Patterns and inspired by the talented @blakandblanca, the Blanca Flight Suit immediately became a crowd favorite. Many sewists have even ended up returning to the pattern again and again over the last year. 

But don't just take my word for it. Let's hear what makers all around the world had to say about the Blanca Flight Suit and how they made it their own! 

It's UR F.O. time!!! *She shouted in her best Oprah voice*

"Available in sizes 0-30, it's our take on the boiler suit style, which has become the "uniform" I reach for on more days than not. Positively loaded with fun details and lots of ways to customize, style and make it your own, this is a fun, involving sew that we suspect you'll want to make in every colour of the rainbow. 
A comfortable fit was really key for this design; it's semi-fitted with a dropped shoulder, roomy bodice and ease in all the right places, so you'll always feel good bending over and moving around, while still feeling pulled together. It's got multiple sleeve, hem, belt and pocket options making it a bit of a "choose your own adventure" situation. One of my favourite details is the ability to taper the sleeves and hem with snaps and a button tab, giving you two looks in one. It can be made in a variety of wovens, from denim and canvas to tencel or linen, depending on the final result you're going for. 
Big love to the Diane Keaton of sewing, @blakandblanca for being our muse for this pattern. Her chic, modern style was a huge inspiration for this design!
Lauryn Smith

"I loved making this flight suit because it was a moment for me to slow down and really indulge in sewing. There were so many pieces and details I was juggling while making it (countless topstitching ripped out and redone) that finishing it felt really good. This garment is 100% me and I feel like a rockstar every time I wear it"

Fabric: The fabric is Nevada linen from Stonemountain and Daughter

"I loved making this WIP because every aspect felt really special, every time I sat down to work on it I just felt so proud of how it was turning out!"

Fabric: I got my fabric from Spotlight in Australia, and it’s a 100% cotton drill fabric.

"I loved making the Blanca flight suit because it was a challenge in the best way-I learned some new skills and pushed my sewing further. I did a muslin (for once!) because I knew if I got the fit right, it would be an awesome piece of clothing. And now every time I put on Blanca, I feel fabulous and I love knowing that I made it"

Fabric: The fabric is vintage finish linen from The Fabric Store in the colour maple
Grace Martin

"I loved the feeling of exercising my garment-making knowledge to create a garment that I knew would fit me correctly according to my unique body measurements and shape. I have been making garments since my early high-school days, but this was the first time I finished all of the inside seams as well. It felt so complete!"

Fabric: Avocado Green Medium weight cotton twill from Style Maker Fabrics (100% cotton) and cherry patterned black stretchy denim from Mood (95% cotton and 5% elastane)
Kelly Allene

"I sometimes have a hard time taking on projects that seem time intensive (instant gratification please!), but the beauty is in the details of the Blanca Flight Suit. I settled in, took my time, and enjoyed the individual pieces of the process."

Fabric: Joann Fabrics // lightweight denim with a little stretch.

"I really enjoyed the process of making the #blancaflightsuit, it was definitely my most complex make to date with many firsts (like installing a zipper and sewing a collar for the first time!) however the instructions were so well written that it was manageable even for a beginner sewist!"

Fabric: 100% cotton brim from @centerfabril
"I really loved the industrial-chic vibe of the Closet Core patterns Blanca flight suit pattern as soon as it came out… loved the zippered breast pockets, the front opening zip, the front hip pockets, the er.. bottom? pockets; sorry have momentarily forgotten the technical term for those things.  Anyway…  such a plethora of fabulous topstitching possibilities!  I actually love top-stitching, it’s one of those calming zen activities that pleases my inner love for well-ordered neatness…  and just the pure and simple visual joy of looking at that evenly dotty line marching its way across cloth.  *happy sigh*"

Fabric: I bought this rusty coloured cotton twill from Spotlight stores, fun fact: this is actually the very last piece of fabric I bought before lockdown commenced.
You can read more about Carolyn's experience of making the Blanca Flight Suit Here!
Lorene Voskinarian

"I was a pattern tester for this pattern and I often make clothes that push the boundaries of what I’d normally make for myself. I never thought I’d be a coverall person, but the instant I put that on I felt so chic and I get compliments every time I wear it. I really loved all the details in this pattern like the topstitching in the pleats of the back bodice and the belt loops. I thought sewing this was going to be complicated and time consuming but it ended up coming together really fast."

Fabric: The fabric I used was a black textured weave cotton purchased from PDX Sewing Studio (
Katie Kortman

"I loved making this jumpsuit, adding small details on the pockets (though you can’t see them here), and using an unexpected print for it. I wasn’t sure if it would work in this quilting cotton but it did, and it’s so comfy!"

Fabric: This was made with my own design on medium weight quilting cotton fabric which is (I think it’s sold out actually) available @neridahansenfabrics and @spoonflower (not sold out there)
You can shop Katie's fabrics Here!

"What I really loved about making this pattern is all the fun details and top stitching to do! It's very satisfying when all the bits and pieces come together!"

Fabric: My fabric was a cotton twill from
Katie Mattingly

"I love that sense of accomplishment when it’s done and you can wear it! It’s always so exciting to take long swaths of fabric and turn it into something real!"

Fabric: the fabric is a stretch denim I bought from blackbird fabrics

Big thank you to everyone who came together to make this post happen! You can get your own copy of the Blanca Flight Suit Pattern Here!

Happy Crafting!


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