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Terms, Codes, & Absolutely No's 

1. Be Kind & Courteous

Negative and Rude attitudes in the comments section or at Bobble events will not be tolerated. Toxic comments will not be published.

2. No Hate Speech or Bullying

*B*CH is a safe space. It's a bubble where people from all backgrounds are welcome to make new friends. Please treat everyone with respect.

3. Posts & Social Media

By posting pictures using the hashtag #bobbleclubhouse, #BCH, #BCHParties, #BCHmakers, or by tagging @Bobbleclubcouse in the post or comments you agree to allow @Bobbleclubhouse and it's sponsors to repost your content.

4. *B*CH Photos

By purchasing a ticket or signing up for an event you are agreeing to the use of your image in any photo that is taken by Bobble Club House or another guest of the party. Your image may be used for social media promotions, website updates, Meetup content, newsletters, or by any sponsors of the party. You might be tagged in these posts unless you say otherwise in a written email to

5. Missed Events

If you cancel your RSVP for an event that you purchased a ticket for, more then 48 hours before the event you will be allowed to:

*Transfer your RSVP to another date for an event of the same or lesser value.

Failure to communicate a replacement date that works best for you within 30 days of the initial party will result in the abandonment of the claim.


6. Canceled Events

If *B*CH cancels a party that you purchased an RSVP or ticket for you will be allowed to:

*Transfer your RSVP to another date for an event of the same or lesser value.

Failure to communicate a replacement date that works best for you within 30 days of the initial party will result in the abandonment of the claim.


Popular This Month

Behind The Stitches: Joice Oveja

Behind The Stitches: Joice Oveja

Crochet with London Kaye: Book Review

I once read or watched or heard on a podcast (sometimes it’s difficult for me to remember these things. I have such an active imagination that I can read an article and then a year later swear that I watched a documentary) and in it they said the Missoni household is covered in their famous zigzags. I have a vivid image, imagined or not, of all three generations in their living room. Their rugs, couch, blankets, pillows, and outfits are covered in the zigzags. I remember thinking that was how I would love to live my life. That your passion for what you love could be so great that it simply can’t be contained in one aspect of your life. It oozes out until your whole world is consumed by it. No one visits the Missoni home and wonders what they do for a living.

I was reminded of this vivid memory or daydream while I was flipping through the pages of London Kaye’s new book Crochet with London Kaye, Projects and Ideas To Yarn Bomb Your Life. This book is more than a how-to book. While it do…

Yarn & The City: #WhyIMake

Making has always been in my life even if I didn't always know that at the time. Recently LoveCrafts asked bloggers to tackle this seemingly simple question. Why do you make? It seemes like the perfect opportunity for me to open up a little more and tell you about my own crafting journey. My life can be mapped out in a series of handmade objects. Not all of them were made by myself. But they all formed who I am in one way or another. A quilt made for the underground railroad, a wedding gift from a stranger, a lumpy sweater, hand-dyed hanks, and crochet mandalas. One having little to do with the other except for the fact that they all made me the maker that I am today.

A Ripple Effect

It’s not easy to find a pattern that is flattering on so many different body types. The Ripple Bralette by Jessie Mae Martinson has become ‘the sisterhood of the traveling pants’ of the knitting world. I’ve always felt a little left out when patterns like this become popular. Mostly because of my own self imposed limitations. After spending hours praying to grow boobs and repeating the Judy Bloom song “I must, I must, I must increase my bust”, my boobs came in with a vengeance at around the age of thirteen. Unfortunately, so did the feeling that certain outfits were no longer for me. I would look at tops in magazines or on the runway and think “that would be so cute on someone else”. I had to work really hard to get to a place where I accepted my body and even harder to get to a place where I love it. Honestly I thought that was a milestone that I had passed several years ago… until the Ripple Bralette.

It popped up randomly in my search feed. So did the negative inner dialogue that I …

The Knitwear of A Nanny Named Fran Fine

There are fashion icons who come once in a generation, making an impact so great that they will be remembered for all of time. I'm talking of course about the flashy girl from flushing (bump, bump) the Nanny, named Fran. As a child, my parents refused to get cable. It wasn't until I went away to college that my parents decided to get a cable box (still bitter). There was one month when in middle school my parents announced that we suddenly had cable. My sister and I took full advantage of this. Watching every second of cartoons that we could until at the end of the month my parents told us that it was just a trial and the box was going away. A crushing blow. Is it really any surprise that I decided to start a business where I can get paid to watch my favorite shows? Wow, that got off track quickly and is probably best left for my therapist.

Getting back to my point. Since we didn't have cable, network shows became my bread and butter. Sister Sister, Sabrina, and of course …