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List of Contributors

Samantha Brunson

Samantha Brunson is the owner of Bobble Club House, a knitting and crafting social club with events in NYC. Samantha also runs the Bobble Club House blog that chronicles the younger side of the crafting community with stories from a diverse group of crafters. 

Samantha graduated from The School of The Art Institute of Chicago’s Fashion Department in 2012 where she studied under incredible designers including artist Nick Cave and designer Shane Gabier of Creatures of The Wind. During her time in school, she worked for fashion companies such as Donna Karan, Maggy London, and Bliss Lau before graduating and continuing her work in the Fashion industry. Samantha started her first company, SOSA Knitwear, in 2014. SOSA Knitwear creates intricate handmade knitwear and crochet for designer’s couture & ready-to-wear runway shows. 

She is a self-proclaimed elderly millennial and is always looking for new ways to share her love of knitwear and crafting with the world.

KnitChats offers on-demand knitting and crochet support through text, voice, and video.  Access the collective expertise of their team of coaches through their Knitting and Crochet Hotlines and receive personalized instruction.
On top of that, when you sign up, you'll experience the benefit of a fun and supportive community!

Jessica Baldwin

Jessica is a knitting and crochet instructor for KnitChats who first began teaching in her LYS in 2016. Her love for textiles began when her grandmother taught her how to crochet when she was 8 years old. Jessica is a self-taught knitter and has since come to spinning, which gave her a greater understanding of yarn construction and how it affects the outcome of any given project.

As a left-handed knitter, Jessica has been faced with and has overcome many challenges due to the lack of information available for lefties within the knitting industry. Her passion and ability for teaching is not exclusive to left-handed knitters; she has successfully taught many right-handed knitters, including two of her own children.

It is among her primary goals to share her passion for knitting with as many people as possible, to instill confidence within fellow lefty knitters, and build upon their knitting skills.

Amanda Corvello
Amanda is a knit and crochet designer who lives in the beautiful state of Colorado with her husband, two boys, and a senior hamster-who may just live forever. When she’s not working on a new design or helping a fellow maker test their pattern, you can find her homeschooling her sons through middle school or working in her garden. Her favorite thing to do while working on a project is to watch/listen to true crime documentaries and enjoy a large cup of coffee.
Amanda has an A.A. degree in 2D art and once aspired to be a painter and Art Historian. She switched paths shortly after marrying her husband to begin a family, but always felt the pull towards creating. A few years, after the birth of her youngest child, she found herself looking for a new hobby. She decided to pick up a crochet hook and give it a try, which later lead to a successful business making custom crocheted pieces. Sometime after, she learned how to knit and began writing patterns for both crafts. Her goals for the future are to become certified to teach crochet and knitting, open a business to help serve other creatives, and eventually publish a book.

Eliza Angell

Eliza is an artist, writer, traveler, and former student of fashion design. She went to school with Bobblehouse Club founder, Samantha Brunson, at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. There she studied many different forms of art but focused on fashion design.

She grew up abroad in Bangkok, Seoul, and Frankfurt, Germany. She loves learning about different cultures and their artistic expressions. Although her nomadic spirit is still very much alive, Eliza is currently anchored in Brooklyn, NY and works for the clothing company Everlane.


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